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October 31 2012


The Enchiridon, the ice king and Zoroastrianism, a wild theory


We all know from “I remember you” that the Ice King discover the Enchiridion before his tranformation. Lets look at the screenshot where this is shown:

In his formspring Adam Muto (storyboard artist for the show) wrote the full text:

Simon Petrikov Unearths Ancient Treasure
Silly man returns from expedition with a marginally exciting discovery.

By Bruce Guese, 
Andersonsonian Standard

It was a chilly morning that greeted the small gathering of hard-drinking journalists and curious pigeons. The impromptu press conference was convened by professor of archaeology and bon vivant, Simon Petrikov. You may remember Petrikov from that thing [in] Fatu Hiva. Well that guy is back from his latest expedition in the Hindu Kush or wherever. 

With much pomp, Petrikov unveiled the most significant piece from the dig to a rapt audience. Turns out it was just a book. A ratty-looking leatherbound manual whose title Petrikov had translated as “The Enchiridion”.

The cover, embossed with a still life and inset with a variety of gems[,] was alright to look at.

(text under photo)
Simon Petrikov delivers his latest find to the (obscured word) Museum of History.

As a good student of both history and philosophy, i read a few important senteces:

-“The cover, embossed with a still life and inset with a variety of gems”:

Ok, this can be a little misleading after last episode, but i dont think its has relation with the gems of the crowns, because i belive that the reporter would have been less bored with the discovery.

-You may remember Petrikov from that thing [in] Fatu Hiva:

This one is interesting, Fatu Hiva is an island in the french polynesia that was the object of a book written by the  Norwegian explorer and archaeologist 
Thor Heyerdahl.

He tried to link nordic culture and religion with the ones in Azerbaijan. This country was part of the perssian empire before being conquest by Alejandro magno, and its religion was Zoroastrianism.

This is very cool because one of the evil gods of this religion at the time of the perssians was Angra Mainyu orAhriman who “like a worm, is so much associated with darkness and old age, that he perishes in the end.”

 Ok now, the newspaper says tha Simon founded the Enchiridion in the “Hindu Kush or wherever”, the Hindu Kush are a mountine range in the area of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, it is also share by Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, china and india. This is the perfect place because its the area were the supossed indo-european culture existed. This culture was the etimologycal mother of almost all languages of europe.

So the Lich and the Enchiridon are both linked to zoroastrian tradition. And this religion being the one that invented many of the judeo-christian myths we have an apocalypse described as:  

“a 3,000-year struggle between good and evil will be fought, punctuated by evil’s final assault. During the final assault, the sun and moon will darken and mankind will lose its reverence for religion, family, and elders. The world will fall into winter, and Angra Mainyu’s most fearsome miscreant, Azi Dahaka, will break free and terrorize the world.[42]

“Fall into winter” Remember what the crown told Simon in the second video log? That it will protect him when its frost!

I will read more about this later, see ya!

This theory is a keeper. MIND. BLOWN.
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