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March 24 2020

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Had to make this cuz I got reminded of the time a university frend of mine was dared to make an impression of me one time in class, n he went “Is it lunchtime yet? Im hungry~”. 

Tbh ive never thought of myself as a food enthusiast, growing up having a limited stomach n getting full easily, but then again i had a hyperactive random personality as a teenager n probably mentioned food a lot, cuz food was the easiest random subject I could think of.

May 01 2015


“Whats ur zodiac sign?”


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March 14 2015

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This was WEEKS ago, when I told Tina about the coincidence on the starsigns of most of the people whom I either envy or copied (or both), and the temporary copycat comrades I had.

Besides Libras I think I envied/copied a few Leos too, while some Leos were my copycat comrades for a certain period of time. I guess to me, Leo swings both ways.
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