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July 19 2013


May 29 2013


May 28 2013


May 27 2013


May 26 2013

4714 0e90

First piece of P4 fanart, meet newest piece of P4 fanart. A lot can happen in 4 years! Redraws are my favorite way of measuring improvement… even if in this case, it’s not so much an exact redraw as ‘someone took a picture of the same shit, from a different angle and with a better camera’.

YES I HAVE BEEN DRAWING FANART FOR THIS GAME FOR FOUR YEARS, WHY DO YOU ASK (try not to look too close at the 2009 one, it makes me cry inside)

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May 10 2013



Junes Warrior, Yosuke Hanamura

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April 07 2013



that moment you realize the only person you really want to date does not have a romance route.

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January 28 2013

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