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February 25 2014


November 13 2013

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October 27 2013

oh gOD WHY
…perfect though. I'm strangely turned on by this this is not normal at all D:
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October 19 2013

Heavy Cyrus Wrecking Ball
(via hugelol)
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October 15 2013

ON CRACK: Brendon and Miley... and Mikey
Yess... I got another tablet. After my Bamboo Pen broke I bought a secondhand Bamboo Fun from a friend of mine (he doesn't need it anymore). And finally, back to finishing this.
I had this idea a few days ago after watching P!ATD's "Girls/Girls/Boys". Everyone was suddenly comparing Brendon to Miley and I thought why the hell not? Also, Miley's hair always makes me think of Mikey's killjoy hair.

"Young Cyrus?" pfft Brendon you're only like 5 & a half years older than her.

Yes, this 'On Crack' comics are starting to be a series or something. These are meant to be comics that are based on the current events of musicians and other celebs, but the plotlines are all made-up, conclusion-jumping and made as ridiculously WTF as possible.
Previous On Crack comics:

Brendon Urie, Miley Cyrus & Mikey Way (c) themselves.

October 03 2013

8464 00cc 500


I came in like a Shrek-ing ball

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September 19 2013

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