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December 09 2011


Steampunk Clock

051928.jpg 051929.jpg 051930.jpg 051931.jpg 051932.jpg

With a intricate structure and complex designs, this wall clock shows the steampunk edge clearly. Although the designs are rather complex, every part of the clock is placed in the right place, and none of them are dispensable. It will be soon for sale.
(via inewidea)
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November 17 2011


Oh stock photos

I don’t know which is my fave category, Women Struggling to Drink Water

or Women Laughing Alone With Salad

Probably the salad one, coz a meal without meat always makes me laugh too.

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September 04 2011

9613 b4cd 500
I have my own ways of making friends...

August 02 2011

20 of the weirdest posts on Craigslist
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OMGWTFBBQ is that cat even real?
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July 29 2011


June 24 2011


March 28 2011

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