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April 24 2015

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What kind of watch do you wear?
Swatch. a gift from grandma when we were at Hong Kong in 2013

April 20 2015



This guy at my school went viral on Twitter and Reddit because he and his friend left a pair of sunglasses and a watch on the floor in the Dallas Museum of Art and people were convinced that it was an abstract art piece

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did u think i was joking

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December 20 2014

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this means so much to me. so much

Okay but like actually this is the most thoughtful gift IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

It might seem to make more sense to give Ron the precious family heirloom (remember that Molly’s brother Fabian died in the First Wizarding War; Molly has held onto his watch out of sentimentality since then). But Ron is the sixth son in his (canonically financially-struggling) family. He’s been forced into hand-me-downs his whole life. If he’d gotten the watch with a dent in the back, he wouldn’t have appreciated it; he’d only have seen the flaw. And if his mum bought Harry a new watch instead of getting Ron one, Ron would have resented that. A new watch was a worthwhile expense to get Ron a rare taste of the luxury and individual attention he has always craved.

Harry, though. Harry has money; Harry has new things. What Harry does not have is family. Harry is an orphan. Other than one photo album and the invisibility cloak, he doesn’t have anything that came with family history attached. What Molly does here is give him that; she makes him part of the family, symbolically, by giving him an emotionally significant if physically imperfect item. She gives him love in a tangible form.

This makes me CRY

I’m just sweating through my eyeballs here don’t mind me

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March 08 2014


September 25 2013

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Mitchell Feinberg for Le Monde M ‘Le Temps Perdu’

March 03 2013


The Orbo Watch Series
(Designed by Zach Weiss)

Tags: watch orbo design
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January 29 2013

G.D.Falksen - Pinterest:
More fantastic art that you can wear from wonderful artist Sue Beatrice
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January 24 2013

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Watch tattoo WIN
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October 05 2012

Play fullscreen
If this is proven true, then I recommend everyone see pictures & videos of baby animals before work.

August 24 2012

Viral Videos
HEY THOR. Loki was watching that.
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June 13 2012

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Today's swog post
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June 05 2012

Magical Girl Alice 29 by nightmoonart
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May 26 2012


March 22 2012

Notches not working?
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March 21 2012

DIRECTV Plus: Batman

December 08 2011


September 30 2011


If you completely understand this watch, you're a geek

There are memes out there that make fun of people who pretend to be geeks because “geek is chic” in 2011. In many cases, it has given the real geeks of the world a bad name.

Thanks to the good folks at Uncommongoods, you can keep a good test on your wrist at all times. Just whip this puppy out to so-called geeks and ask them to decipher it. No, it’s not good enough for them to know that 3! is six just because it’s at the bottom. They need to know that it means 3 factorial (basic stuff for many juniors in high school, let alone a true geek).

If they can get 4 or 5 of them right, they might be a geek. Half or more and you’re on the right track. If they can get double-digits correct, hand them a pocket protector and initiate them into your club. Here’s a cheat sheet, just in case you need a little reminder:

  1. Legendre’s constant is a mathematical constant occurring in a formula conjectured by Adrien-Marie Legendre to capture the asymptotic behavior of the prime-counting function. Its value is now known to be exactly 1.
  2. A joke in the math world: An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer. The second orders half a beer. The third, a quarter of a beer. The bartender says, “You’re all idiots,” and pours two beers.
  3. A unicode character XML “numeric character reference.”
  4. Modular arithmetic, also known as clock arithmetic, is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers “wrap around” after they reach a certain value. The modular multiplicative inverse of 2 (mod 7) is the integer /a/ such that 2*/a/ is congruent to 1 modulo 7.
  5. The Golden Mean…reworked a little.
  6. Three factorial (3*2*1=6)
  7. A repeating decimal that is proven to be exactly equal to 7 with Cauchy’s Convergence Test.
  8. Graphical representation of binary code.
  9. An example of a base-4 number, which uses the digits 0, 1, 2 and 3 to represent any real number.
  10. A Binomial Coefficient, also known as the choose function. 5 choose 2 is equal to 5! divided by (2!*(5-2)!)
  11. A hexadecimal, or base-16, number.
  12. A radical

June 20 2011


What SF series should I watch...

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June 10 2011

How to view blocked youtube videos. Totes.
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