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March 05 2012


C3PO Art

Tags: c3po star wars
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January 03 2012

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December 13 2011

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HAS to be limited edition D: I WANTS THEM.
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December 07 2011

"Durrr no one can die when two smexy countries are invading each other IM POSITIVE"
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October 10 2011

One of the most badass things ever
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May 08 2011

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Toy Wars: The Toypire Strikes Back
Tags: toy story star wars

May 07 2011

When the Death Star gets a visit from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...
Trooper: *facepalms & walk away*
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For once, the Dark Side saves the planet.
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Obama Star Wars
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Zombie Darth Vader
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Their heads look like toilet paper storage cups XD
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April 23 2011

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May the force be with you.
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April 13 2011


Real life Star Wars.

Laser Towards Milky Ways Center.

The color of the laser is precisely tuned to energize a layer of sodium atoms found in one of the upper layers of the atmosphere — one can recognize the familiar color of sodium street lamps in the color of the laser.

This layer of sodium atoms is thought to be a leftover from meteorites entering the Earth’s atmosphere. When excited by the light from the laser, the atoms start glowing, forming a small bright spot that can be used as an artificial reference star for the adaptive optics. Using this technique, astronomers can obtain sharper observations. For example, when looking towards the center of our Milky Way, researchers can better monitor the galactic core, where a central super massive black hole, surrounded by closely orbiting stars, is swallowing gas and dust. Taken with a wide angle lens, this photo covers about 180° of the sky.

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March 18 2011

Can't fix the economy with jedi mind tricks...
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February 04 2011

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YouTube - Volkswagen Commercial: The Force
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