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March 16 2020


March 18 2013



after rewatching the first season i was so pleased with the way the team rocket dressed. james was put in traditionally feminine clothing but it was never made into a joke and he was totally comfortable with it and that is so great

reblogging this for commentary because Jessie was (is) a badass woman who wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted and in general Team Rocket in animeverse is super cool about messing about with ideas of gender and that is why I love them all so much. 

This is Team Rocket Appreciation Blog and always will be.

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October 12 2012

Cubby bed storage unit
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August 30 2012


August 29 2012



suit up

Spiderman has nothing to wear
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May 16 2012

Red nest. Modular design.
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April 23 2012

FML #4679110:
Today, I saw a video of me last night, hammered, climbing my wardrobe screaming "I WANT TO GO TO NARNIA" naked. FML
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December 09 2011

"Martin the Mule," designed by I Bride.
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February 07 2011

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