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August 27 2011


In 2011 I made an oath to never get a Tumblr, a Formspring and a Wacom Bamboo Fun silver graphic tablet (because of the typical reason that they’re too mainstream).

Who would’ve thought I actually got all three of them 2 years later

Just because:

  • Formspring was almost dead but got resurrected & became Spring.me so I had to check it out because Ask.fm was getting mainstream anyway
  • I got this Tumblr off of someone else for the sole reason of reusing the many unused accounts in here, and
  • mY WACOM BAMBOO PEN BROKE AT THE LAST MINUTE. Lucky for me my friend didn’t use his tablet anymore and Bamboo Fun was all he got so I can’t do anything. Like I said, reusing the unused.

The fact I got all three I swore I’ll never get in one year still blows my mind. Let’s see if I’ll keep this oath of never getting an Instagram.

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