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June 02 2015

April 23 2013


Vinyl Singles Today: Current Hits with a Vintage Look

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March 09 2013


February 04 2013

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Битлы на виниле, да! (Taken with Instagram)

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November 09 2012



Dear friends, Please allow me to take a trip down memory avenue for just a minute.... in the year 2008 it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...after years of constant work and travel, The Black Parade had come and gone, and as a band My Chemical Romance had achieved almost every goal we had set for it. Records were sold, doors were kicked in, enemies made and vanquished...I really felt we had made a difference. If there was ever a time to run the credits, call it a day and go out on top ...this was it. But here we were, still relatively young and a wide open future seemed to be a blessing and a curse when wondering 'what the hell comes next?' A large percentage of my being was convinced the band was over at that point, and so, as it does, depression crept it's way in.

I have grown up and spent most of my early adulthood being in this band, the thought of that chapter closing was a harsh pill to swallow. But that November I got a call from Gerard that snapped me out of it. We talked for awhile about the band, about why we loved and hated it. We left the conversation with promises to to communicate and plans for a new record in place. In the coming months we forged ahead. Ideas started to take shape....there were conversations about what the songs should sound like, the trading of mix tapes for inspiration, and finally flights were booked to our adopted home of Los Angeles for pre-production...
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September 15 2011


August 08 2011

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The whole album on vinyl? Ok.

August 04 2011


July 27 2011


Hipster Potter (signs read: “Butter Beer is Mainstream. Drink PBR.” and “Helveticadabra.”)

the blond dude looks like patrick stump

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February 17 2011

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So… This is how music looks like.

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