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May 08 2015

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She was so passive aggressively evil wrapped up in kittens and smiles it frustrated me so much in the book 

She’s so incredibly relatable
Everyone has experienced an Umbridge
Like she was just so casually evil
Voldemort is so evil that the average human couldn’t possibly come across him in real life, but everyone has experienced someone like Umbridge


At least Voldemort was up front about being evil. She was horrifying and she just pretended that no one caught on. I hated her so much until the musical made her funny.

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January 21 2015


"Are you a man or a woman?"
“I’m a villain.”
“What gender are you?”
“Yeah, but what’s in your pants?”

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October 28 2014

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March 18 2014


October 17 2013


June 05 2013


May 11 2013


All I want is an episode of My Little Pony where the antagonist is male pony with a fedora cutie mark who goes around harassing everyone for pursuing their own interests instead of dating him and then the mane 6 use the elements of harmony to banish him to an actual place called the friendzone and where he is kept prisoner until he learns to appreciate having girls as friends and see them as actual people.

ahem, what about Discord? he's close enough though. Sure he's not a pony but he doesnt have a fedora cutie mark on, but he's an asshat of a troll... until Fluttershy befriends him & he betrayed her & she gave him the cold shoulder or something. I'm not sure if that will change his behavior but if this villain does appear, I want to see Discord in that episode whether he'll betray Fluttershy again and joins this mofo, or he'll fight alongside the ponies.
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November 03 2012

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Which Horror Movie Villain are you? - Interactive Quiz
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June 14 2012

A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.
— The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell (via colfershands)

September 30 2011






Disney Villain Songs 

the biggest disappointment with Hans is his villain song is “love is an Open Door”

I honestly don’t consider that a villain song.

I would have adored if there was a dark, eery reprise of Love Is An Open Door.

*eerie voice* i mean it’s crazy we finish each others sandwiches

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