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June 26 2015

A Random Viking Fact I Found Out






When a viking mistreats his lady, she may cut off his junk and hang it in her home.


  • Women were in charge of the household’s money because they were believed to be magic and have the ability to see into the future.
  • If a woman divorced her viking husband, he would be shamed for being divorced.
  • Men weren’t even allowed to touch a woman’s hand if she had not agreed to it or he would be punished by law.


NORSE…..Vikings were merely the Norse who took to piracy.

They’re still my peoples.

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April 17 2015

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June 02 2014

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May 28 2014


December 23 2013

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a pre-sleep thought suddenly popping out, and lucky Tina was still awake to hear this
It would be badass to think about what the kids look like if this Swedish-Arabic guy and the Swedish-Irish-Norwegian girl get married (yeah the girl is Norwegian by nationality, and the guy is Saudi Arab by nationality)

November 13 2012


October 02 2012

Because Vikings live awesome lives and they have awesome funerals.
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December 29 2011

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My God look at this guy & his badassnes amplified with steroids in both playing this game & commenting on it. Both his fists seem to grow vaginas amped with energy drinks while punching!
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February 26 2011

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