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October 12 2019


May 18 2019

The idea was from an earlier textpost, and just in case y’all need some more comics poking fun at Diego, here ya go.

Of all the unnecessary moments Klaus had to conjure Ben, this is one of those. And Vanya’s face in the 6th panel is a big mood.
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One of those rare moments where i draw the characters as teenagers (cuz idk, im more drawn to them as adults) and as mentioned in my stories earlier i'd draw Allison & Vanya in these outfits, originally from @miya78pic's drawing n sorta flipped Vanya's socks n shoes colors by accident.

April 27 2019


Original incorrect quote by @silver-stuttering
I had to do it cuz I kept imagining Luther’s gasping face in the end

Lol Diego in the 5th panel. Maybe a bit of Ben rubbed onto him.

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…and then Luther ran into his room & proceeded to cry for hours cuz what Diego said was too much.

Yet another comic about envy cuz i’m THAT cliché, and the Umbrella Academy’s the perfect show for it cuz they’ve all got issues of inadequacy. Even Five who thinks he’s perfect 🤣
And then Vanya goes on destroying the wolrd & blowing up everybody in sight, including her protection squad brothers 😆
Couldnt resist digitizing this doodle cuz if I havent said it enough, Vanya deserves a lot better.

Allison n Luther would be the Vanya Care Squad (but Luther wont do a good job after locking her up n stuff
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007 🎻 The White Violin 🎻 Vanya

I don't get why some people hate her tbh (well to each their own) but she's always been one of my favorites from the start. Idk I could be drawn to her use of music to channel her powers, or, like most people, her frustration of being lied to for not having powers from the start & realizing she's the most powerful one of them all.
Tbh I prefer her short hair in the comics, but hey, TV Vanya has a suit, and she looks dapper af.
It's late and I'm tired, I just wanna draw a blissful Vanya against a chaotic background

March 24 2019

Digitized recent umbrella academy doodles. This was of course drawn on march 8th but colored just now.

March 21 2019

sad Vanya
I was listening to FOB’s The Pros And Cons Of Breathing when doodling this & this part of the lyrics fit her situation somehow
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