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January 22 2015


I want the world to understand computers don’t just do things, they only do what the user tells them to do.

"Digital art is cheating! The computer does it!" No, the user painted it.

"Digital music isn’t real! The computer makes it!" No, the user composed it.

"I don’t know what happened. The computer just started acting weird on its own." NO, YOU’VE BEEN CLICKING ADS AGAIN, MOM.

July 30 2012



Some collect information you expressly give them, like your credit card and telephone numbers. Others gather data based on how and where you use their services. This might include anything from device and browser information to location intel. And some of it gets really specific — think about your last search query or ad click. It’s probably all “fair” game.

Depending on the type gathered, social networks use data to enhance location services and target advertising (now you know why that sunglasses website you visited three months ago follows you all over the web). A few social sites even share certain information with marketers and/or third-party partners — in that case, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with those other companies’ policies as they apply to you and your information.

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October 24 2011

Google braille doesn't work like that
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August 18 2011

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Profiles of a twitter user
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July 20 2011

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Pipe boy uses Acer
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June 07 2011

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Internet Disease types: The meaning behind profile pictures
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