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July 03 2015

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Share something you're grateful for today.
being in this photoshoot with my effing Ridiculous band

June 29 2015

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What is your favorite year of your life?
Probably 2010, where I've just got up from a big depressing event (which I've forgotten about now) and listening to new songs, watching new movies & got accepted by my friends again. And the subjects at school were enjoyable so I didnt mind doing homework.And I got hooked on to The Lonely Island, especially this song:
listening to their songs from Incredibad & Turtleneck and Chain every Sahur.Also there's the Bali trip, of course. Best time of the year eventhough it's only for 5 days :D
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January 29 2015

Another version of the previous drawing since in our gang, Ash and Ili (above) are close friends while Tina and I (below) are close friends. To be honest we're ALL pretty crazy... just in our own ways.
My ridiculous friends and I, just cuz I wanted to draw us as chibis.
Ash - airy Libra
Ili - watery Cancer
Tina - flamin' Sagittarius
and me - earthy Taurus

another version [X]

January 09 2015


October 31 2014

October 13 2014

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Showing Tina some plushies and other things found in Hua Ho Manggis and some of the plushies matched our gang.

Also the birthday prediction, I dont buy them. But lol it's funny thinking how Tina's gonna act one day if she's married.

September 30 2014


May 29 2014


April 20 2014

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March 25 2014


March 17 2014


March 03 2014


March 02 2014


February 18 2014


February 14 2014

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Random joke popping out of my head before bedtime & I had to tell Tina about it -___-
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February 07 2014

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Reisha just thanked me for reblogging one of her posts in Tumblr and she got batshit excited about it... and then she explained to me how the art process goes according to her boyfriend (who is also a badass artist) and lol her envious copycat formula

February 03 2014

me: (to another friend) myoo89 said once she's gonna grow hers past her ass too but idk if she really wants to

myoo89: its waaaaaaay pass me ass until my mom want me to chop off the hair to shoulder plate length

me: you know what you should do, cut your hair until it's benedict cumberbatch's length. wear a black coat & a blue scarf. Shertina.

myoo89: nah man, its dangerous fr me to keep that short length... for sure hakuna matata

me: why is it dangerous for you to have short hair again?

myoo89: hakuna.... matata

me: ha-kena-your-mata? (ha-poke-your-eye?)

myoo89: that is both funny and accurately true!

January 29 2014

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Told Kevin about a comic idea I had for our whole gang and it all started with that emoji he had.
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