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July 28 2013


July update

Just so you know

  • In case you didn't notice, soup is faster. That's because of more and faster servers. And step by step, we're implementing a more reliable setup, which should result in way less outages.
  • We shouldn't lose any images anymore
  • Thanks to @mrud, you can create groups again. Yes, /groups takes it's sweet while to load, but it will load, and it will let you create a new group. @hairinmy should like this one...
  • A smalltime (XSS) security hole was fixed.
  • Some other stuff I don't remember.
There will be more. Next, we'll be working to fulfill twitters new application requirements (I'm not saying they are being anal about this, but they sure are being a pain in the backend), as well as on fixing the facebook login.
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February 17 2012

Gerard Way raves about LostAlone in this week’s NME Magazine
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December 07 2011

Some people post EVERYTHING
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June 05 2011

6869 6991
Someone is reading my shirt
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