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September 24 2017


May 11 2015

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November 03 2014


May 31 2013

I can't believe I actually miss this place after two years after graduation.

March 08 2013


February 28 2013

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The Ohio State University Marching Band - TBDBITL Halftime 10-6-12 Video games Nebraska

December 14 2011

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Back home after the semester is over.

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November 10 2011


October 22 2011

Cartoon characters' college
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September 18 2011

September 16 2011

Dream 21-3-2014

Seems like i was back as a freshie in a new college, this time i started with Tina n Reisha. I was roommates with them in the beginning n we rented a room together in a rather grand hotel-ish but small n cheap apartment. During the first few weeks i seem to be forgettinh everything, and tbe front office seem to be lacking in their service skills, cuz they didn't give me my keys and bus card on time.

Months later, Tina and Reisha moved out of my room (or rather i was the one who moved out of the room and got new roommates) but we still hang out in college. The rooms look like 3-star hotel rooms, complete with carpeting and sturdy cabinets and drawers. Now, after i moved in the new room i realized there were 4 other people; Kurisquare, another random guy which was her friend, Denorii and her boyfriend. Ugh, just my luck.

Weirdly we got along quite well after a few weeks, but there was too much romance coming out from Denorii and her bf (they took different courses; she took medical and he took music, violin espdcially) and i have no idea what Kuri and the oyher guy took but in the end they ended up falling for each other and started dating, leaving me the fifth wheel. I wished i was back living with Tina and Reisha.

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