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February 22 2015



It’s sucks you know…

When you like someone, and you try so hard not to show it, but your face turn flush red and everyone knows now.

When you try not to show that you are shy, trying not to panic, trying not to scream, trying not to get too over excited, and then suddenly you start to hiccup.

When you’re actually a nice and sweet person, but because your excitement and enthusiasm burst out like a rainbow confetti volcano, and then suddenly other people think you’re creepy, weird and what te fuck.

You try to fit in with the crowd, and at the same time you stay as who you are. In order to fit in.

You know if you burst out crazy fun party dinosaur, other people will go “Dude, what the fuck?”.

So the only circle you’re comfortable bursting out yourself is with your true friends. Whose happy that you release that party confetti dinosaur trapped inside your chest.

It’s hard… I know….

So fuck what other people think.

You’re lucky to have friends and family who’re happy for who you are.

So just be you.

You confetti machine party dinosaur you.

Screw being a unicorn cuz you can be a confetti machine party dinosaur

October 26 2013

You are not your job or school, haircut or t-shirt, your race, religion or creed . You are not even your friends. You, at your most basic, are that strange little spark that makes you different . Don’t ever let anyone blow it out.
— Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy. Sydney Entertainment Centre, 25/10/2013. (via jigjagz)
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August 15 2012


April 20 2012

7764 5069
Some crazy unique guitars
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