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March 09 2015


July 23 2014

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June 16 2014

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February 08 2014

November 04 2013


AR Wear - Confidence & Protection That Can Be Worn

"We developed this product so that women and girls could have more power to control the outcome of a sexual assault. We wanted to offer some peace of mind in situations that cause feelings of apprehension, such as going out on a blind date, taking an evening run, “clubbing”, traveling in unfamiliar countries, and any other activity that might make one anxious about the possibility of an assault.

Our goal is to offer a wide range of wearable items, which will include assorted types and styles of underwear, running shorts, traveling shorts, etc., suitable for different situations and the styles of individual users. The challenge was to design products that can be worn comfortably while still being able to frustrate an assault effectively. The garments must be very difficult for someone else to remove by either force or stealth (in situations where the victim cannot resist because she has had too much to drink, was drugged, or is asleep).

They need to be resistant to pulling, tearing and cutting while being comfortable to wear during normal activities and, as in the case of underwear, fit smoothly under form-fitting outer clothing"
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October 05 2013


August 28 2013

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Since it’s summer and this mindset begins to pop up more, let us clarify something.

Girls being upset over being seen in bra/panties but not bikinis is not a double standard.

If she’s in a bikini, it’s what she consciously chose to wear and be seen in, in a public space, and like any outfit she was prepared to be seen in it by other people.

If you’ve caught a girl in her underwear, however, you’re probably trespassing in her bedroom, bathroom, or other personal space, where she should be in privacy, and she has every right to be upset if that privacy is violated.

It’s not about what she’s wearing or what it is covering, but rather her privacy and consent to be seen in the first place. Please respect that.

Omg, amazing that someone thought to explain this

*nods head* Good explanation.

I've always wondered why, cuz I thought it was the same thing too. I never wear a bikini whenever I go swimming. Usually a one-piece will do.

August 18 2013




It’s 2:00am and I have finally finished the shawl that I have been working on to wear to Easter breakfast. Which is at 10:00am.

That’s cool. I just thought this was a table wearing underwear.

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November 16 2012

  • anything smaller than a c cup: must be pre-pubescent. ugly patterns, and colours. lots of animals and stripes.
  • c to d cup: a woman! pretty lacy things, nice patterns, large variety.
  • anything over a d cup: beige. lots and lots of beige.
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August 19 2012

July 10 2012

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I wish, I could say that words...
made my day xD
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June 16 2012

Seriously Kanji, What. Even.


Funniest Moments of Persona 4 the Golden.

…seriously, Kanji.  WHAT. EVEN.

November 18 2011

Another WTF product from Japan: Calorie Shaper

October 14 2011

I dont understand how posing like that has something to do with making me dinner...

August 29 2011

Oh Japan, You So Self-Conscious.
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June 06 2011


March 29 2011

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It's global warming allrite.
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February 16 2011

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