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June 22 2013

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Anggap Saja Bentuk Apresiasi Saya, Bung...

On their way to the hospital, a very sick Ucup and his sister met this street performer... and...

October 26 2012

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Double Date featuring Forever Alone. 
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October 04 2012

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Inspired by this post  http://metalheads.soup.io/post/279548891/Image. Ucup (oo-choop) is an Indonesian nickname for anyone whose name is Joseph or Yusuf.  
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September 17 2012

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This is what they say about don't judge a book by its cover. Tampang preman beneran tapi MAININ LAGU SM*SH... wtf.
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September 14 2012

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Kerja Dengan Gaji Besar
HADOEH "udara segar" Jakarta XDDDD no wonder dibayar segitu banyaknya.

I'm starting to become a fan of these Ucup comics. Lol "The Mundane Adventures of a Metalhead"
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September 12 2012

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Awkward Ucup is awkward. Apalagi kalo ringtonenya "Highway To Hell" XDD awwwwwkward.. Stairway To heaven masih mending.
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September 10 2012

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Ketika diberi tugas oleh ibu.
This totally described me whenever I had chores.
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Ucup Mau Kondangan

August 23 2012

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If you're wondering, it is in Bahasa Indonesia. 
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