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February 16 2015


February 05 2015



About three things I was absolutely positive. First, I had a pokemon. Second, there was a part of me - and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be - that wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was. Third, Gary Oak was unconditionally and irrevocably a douchenozzle.


How old are you? 


How long have you been ten?





Misty looked at Ash, his breathing still heavy from carrying her on his bike as fast as he could through the long grass outside of Pallet Town.

“You’re eyes are impossibly huge and black,” Misty said. “Your hair is… incredibly pointy, and doesn’t need product. Your face changes size and shape based on your feelings… and sometimes you speak like - like you’re from the 90’s. You never spend money on anything; you don’t go to the bathroom.”

The silence hung there, thick and heavy like a Snorlax blocking the bike path. 

“How old are you?” Misty asked, not sure if she wanted to know.

“Ten,” Ash replied, with a slight smirk and an almost amused tone.

Misty new that wasn’t true. Ash wasn’t like the other boys her age. He wasn’t even like her older sisters who ran the gym in Cerulean City. He was wiser and his passion was genuine.

Ash didn’t just want to catch them all, he needed to. He was going to be the best there ever was no matter how long it took, which gave Misty this nagging in the back of her mind. She had to know for sure.

“How long have you been ten?” she asked. Her voice weak, knowing full well the answer could change everything she thought she knew.

“A while…” Ash said. His voice trailing off, as if he were losing himself in a flood of memories.

Misty let out a faint gasp. She knew now. She was certain.

“I know what you are,” she declared, as if whatever had been holding her back from accepting the truth, finally let go of her hand and let her fall right down the Diglett hole.

Ash eyes were alive now, flickering like the flame on a Charmander’s tale.

He stared right into her and said, ”Say it… out loud. Say it.”

Misty’s heart was pounding louder than the thud of a Marowak’s bone club attack.

Despite the now eerily silent meadow, she could barely be heard as she whispered, “Pokemon Trainer.”


Woah…Karen Kavett made this image after I said to her “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the cover of twilight was a pokeball instead of an apple.” I had no idea it had now been reblogged 150,000 times. This makes me feel weird. I don’t even know how it got out into the world…did I blog it? I can prove it was Karen though, because I have the High Res version!

Huge thumbs up to the comments on this though.

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September 11 2014


August 06 2014

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August 03 2013


April 07 2013

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Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show®
And that last A Thousand Years cover... I love it. I just. Love it.
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February 07 2013


December 02 2012

The New Twilight Poster Looks Awesome!
(via Cheezburger)
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November 23 2012

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October 09 2012

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They look like the Annoying Orange
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September 20 2012

(c) SeeMikeDraw (via reluctantmom)
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Worst Troll Ever

Harry Potter vs. Twilight, the obvious winner



please send this to all harry potter fans to enlighten them

omfg I cant breathe

Yes all Harry Potter fans should read this and laugh their asses off.

(via death-by-avengers)

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June 20 2012


May 26 2012

“Twilight” Prom Dress or How Fashion Goes Terribly Wrong

Image comment: “Twilight” dress merges Team Edward and Team Jacob
mage credits: Etsy

May 18 2012



        *remove the love triangle*

  • Hunger Games: Televised fight to the death. 
  • Twilight: a girl who moves to a rainy town.

Moral: Twilight is a story about a love triangle that makes sense to have a love triangle, Hunger Games is a kind of cool plot completely taken over by a poorly written love triangle.

Is this supposed to be a valid criticism? A ROMANCE novel focuses on ROMANCE? Who gives a shit? It doesn’t make your shitty movie better that some other movie does what it was supposed to do.

Also Twilight would still be about vampires and werewolves.

Also it’s stupid debating over shit like this because the greatest film of all time is Con-Air and it’s already been made.

Also why am I bothering to respond to this.

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I see no difference at all
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April 15 2012

This is how you use Facebook
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March 22 2012


March 05 2012


February 22 2012

Twilight Sparkle discovers MLP porn
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