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May 19 2015


October 27 2014


August 23 2014


May 14 2014


May 11 2014


March 31 2014

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March 02 2014


May 12 2013

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Some hunger games fans who were disappointed that Rue was black. Some of these tweets (and more in the article) are terribly racist… Amandla Stenberg is adorable. I know the book described Rue and Cinna as having dark skin and didn’t state that they were black (I didn’t know Rue was black either), but it shouldn’t be such a big deal if they are… maybe it’s different from what you’d imagined in your head, but jeez people! full article here
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March 27 2013


Get ready for something, everyone. It isn't over.


I'm going to keep it short, but this is fishy. Look at all these things I have collected.

Lynz (Gerard's wife) JUST SAID she's excited for whats happening next with the boys. HERE.

Also, Mat Devine (close friend of Gerards) tweeted saying the following

THEN, I found this. This is apparently a friend of LynZ. This is what was said.

Edit: I've found even MORE showing us that this is probably a transformation.

(2 parts)  



May just be hopeful thinking, but it does make sense. I feel like this isnt over. Not in the slightest.

well this changes everything

i hope it’s true


---------NEW EDIT-----------

THEN, James McMahon, EDITOR of Kerrang! magazine posted this!

SO, I'm going to sum things up for you guys.


***LynZ tweeted saying, ""I'm excited for what @gerardway @mikeyway @frankiero @raytoro do next. I know it's going to be amazing because they are each amazing. " IT'S going to be amazing, because THEY are each amazing.

***Matt Devine, the singer of Kill Hannah recently recorded with Gerard and spoke about the bands new tracks. After the break up, Devine tweeted, "MCR fans, don't despair. when one door closes another opens. stand by."

He wants us to STAND BY, in other words, be patient and get ready for something.

***Sean Smith, a friend of LynZ tweeted about his sorrow for MCR breaking up, but then added something. He said, "Gutted about MCR. Excited at what's next."

*** James McMahon, Kerrang editor has a page full of tweets as to why he thinks this is all fishy also!

EXCITED AT WHAT'S NEXT. It looks like he may know some inside info...

----Then on with the assumption that we now think that the band can no longer have rights to their name/label. And it makes PERFECT sense. (refer to last two photos). No WONDER they were recording MCR5 in a homemade studio they showed us. Remember?

Hoping this helps you guys.

For those of you who can't stop crying & being depressed about MCR eventhough your tears already dried up, read this for a blast of optimism. My Chemical Romance might not just be over YET.
[then again there's this letter Gerard wrote though... I'm confused now]
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November 26 2012

"All Right, That's It, I'm Breakin' Out the Sass"
(via Cheezburger)
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November 14 2012

I just tweetcapped the new Rebecca Black crown stealer, Nicole Westbrook!
I watched it so you don’t have to.
FYI, Nicole Westbrook's song It's Thanksgiving is also by Arc Music Factory. Y'know, the one who wrote Friday by Rebecca Black.

November 01 2012

Hurricane Sandy being a sassy bitch & doing awesome puns
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November 12 2011


August 29 2011

Doctor Pug tweets


this is my favorite twitter

(via timidkoala)

July 31 2011

Shannon Leto: Well are you ready Hong Kong?
Hong Kong: Yeah
Shannon: How about you, Manilla?
Manilla: Oh I'm there, baby.
Shannon: How about you, Taipei?
Taipei: Fuckin Ready.
Shannon: Well I think I'm allright... 1-2-3-4!

April 01 2011

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Xmas Tree's Twitter stream

February 01 2011

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January 30 2011

Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Leave turning Kanye's epic tweets into songs to Josh Groban XD
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