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July 07 2015






I would honestly prefer reading about the stupid paranormal romance where the weird non-human boyfriend can’t work out the DVD player over Brooding Manipulative and Controlling asshole trope

[screaming at the DVD player] IM 800 YEARS OLD CUT ME SOME SLACK

“Unless you know how to work a 15th-century printing press you can stop laughing and show me how to Twitter again.”

“So besides living really long and screaming at technology can you, like… do anything useful?”

“I can go really fast?”

“Yeah, yeah, okay, that could come in handy. Anything else?”

“I can bite people to death!”


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June 05 2015

A Tasting Menu of Female Representation:


The Bechdel:

two or more women talking to each other about something other than a man

The Mako Mori:

at least one female character with her own narrative arc that is not about supporting a man’s story

The Sexy Lamp:

a female character that cannot be removed from the plot and replaced with a sexy lamp without destroying the story.

Chef’s Specials:

The Anti-Freeze:

no woman assaulted, injured or killed to further the story of another character.

The “Strength is Relative”:

complex women defined by solid characterization rather than a handful of underdeveloped masculine-coded stereotypes.

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