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November 22 2017


September 24 2017


July 10 2015





LOL what an asshole.



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July 08 2015


Today, I fucked up... “box” cake


This happened several years ago after my friend and I decided to adopted the slogan “What could possibly go wrong?” for a week.

Our school had an “Annual Cake Auction” to raise money for a charity, and some of these cakes would go for between $100-1500. It is almost all students and there is always a ton of cake so we thought it would be funny to ice a Cheerios box and submit it as a cake.

Each cake had a name so we made ours the “Chocolate Disappointment” and the slogan was “You’ll be so disappointed when you finish this cake because it will all be gone” or something like that.

So they go through the cakes, a couple go for $1000 a few for $300 and everything in between. Ours rolls around and the bidding starts. Nobody bids at first, but then it begins….

President of the school raises his hand and starts off at $100 and the Dean of Student Services raises him. They go back and forth up to $600.

The Dean ends up getting it and as he cuts into it and announces to his table that its a box…I see his children’s souls get crushed.

To this day the rules are now “Must be a real cake.”


June 19 2015

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luv my neighbors :~)


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June 17 2015


June 16 2015

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So it’s the first day of college and there are people handing out bibles everywhere

let me tell you a story

i picked philosphy as minor this semester and there are several “soon to be priests” who need to study philosophy before theology. to make it ven funnier it’s only me and other 5 women, all the other 40 are men priests.

on a rainy thursday (would you look at that coincidence) i got my pagan ass to class (heh) and i noticed some of them gave me weird looks because of my mjöllnir and my “””in your face””” pagan tshirt, so they started asking me why i was defying cristians with those accessories, in a catholic university and being probably baptized as christian when a baby. 

i just let them talk and heard a lot about how wrong i was converting to an “unexistent” and “primitive” religion when i shit you not a thunder hit the building next to ours and almost got everyone deaf. i got startled but i tried to keep my cool to scare them off and i said in my morgan freeman sort of voice “don’t you call my gods false”.

they literally run away to the sight of me now.

Thank you for your continuation to my post it’s the best one yet

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June 11 2015


June 08 2015

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I thought this image was breaking my phone.

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June 06 2015

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troll cat
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June 02 2015



If a guy ever spreads a rumor that he slept with you, don’t deny it. One, because there will always be people who think it’s true, and two, because that dumbass boy just handed you the power to say anything you want about what he’s like in bed, and people will believe it. Say he bleats like a sheep when he orgasms. Say he put on pearl earrings and asked you to call him Daisy. Say he couldn’t get it up until he watched an old Billy Mays infomercial. The power is yours.

This is my new favorite post

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May 18 2015


I love the Winnie the Pooh newspaper comics. Everyone’s such a dick to eachother, it’s so out of character. Is it simply called “Winnie the Pooh”? I never bothered to read the title, I just call it “It’s Always Sunny in the Hundred Acre Woods”











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April 29 2015

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feeling egg

guys for real im laughing so hard rn

I think the worst part was that she was fighting with an egg

i love 13 year olds

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April 20 2015



This guy at my school went viral on Twitter and Reddit because he and his friend left a pair of sunglasses and a watch on the floor in the Dallas Museum of Art and people were convinced that it was an abstract art piece

image image image image

did u think i was joking

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March 25 2015


February 28 2015



a restaurant in my hometown got a review that said the servers should “show some skin” so the owner added a potato skin special to the menu and all the proceeds from the special go to the west virginia foundation for rape information services (x)

That’s exactly the appropriate response.

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February 14 2015

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Baked some iPhone cookies to trick cops into pulling me over, then I just take a bite and ask if cookies are against the law.

but why

is this the softcore version of fuck the police

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February 13 2015

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Safe sex 101 by yik yak

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February 05 2015

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  1. Pokemon Red
  2. Pokemon Blue
  3. Pokemon Gold
  4. Pokemon Silver
  5. Pokemon Bronze
  6. Pokemon Red Fire
  7. Pokemon Grass Green
  8. Pokemon Ruby Tuesday
  9. Pokemon Safe Fire
  10. Pokemon A B C
  11. Pokemon X Y Z
  12. Pokemon Now I know my A B C’s
  13. Pokemon Dungeon Dice Monsters
  14. Pokemon The Last Airbender
  15. Pokemon of the Galaxy
  16. Pokemon Horror Story: Asylum
  17. Pokemon Horror Story: Coven
  18. Pokemon Horror Story: ….Coven 2
  19. Pokemon Ping Pong
  20. Pokemon Party 
  21. Pokemon Party 8
  22. PokeKart: Double Dash
  23. Pokemon Crunch Wrap Supreme 
  24. Pokemon Cross Dress
  25. Pokemon Fingerblast
  26. Pokemon Facebook Edition
  27. Pokemon Who?
  28. Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

LEAFGREEN not Grass Green

yes thank you. THAT’S the one game i needed to be corrected on.

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