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October 12 2014

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Airport staircase in Tokyo, Japan

Its funny because if you fell down these stairs then Pikachu would look like such an asshole.

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April 07 2013


making the absolute best out of a bad situation

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January 10 2013


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November 23 2012


So this just happened.



My sincerest apologies to the random dude that I just French dipped in public and then proceeded to make a comic about.

Vancouver :’)

One of the reasons I wanna go to Canada. THESE sights.
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September 04 2012

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August 07 2012


November 22 2011

Hello Mr Moon by Pochi-chan
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September 11 2011

Dream 23-1-2014

I was on a roadtrip with my family, and the whole time we were riding of what it seems to be a mixture of a bus & cable car (more like a SKYtrip).
All the while the song playing in that cable bus were alternative rock songs, i remember singing along to Avril Lavigne's Here's To Never Growing Up. While up there we only see trees, trees and more trees up in the sky.
I also remember reading a magazine, and a widespread page with 8/10 panels each with anime-looking characters too. They had stories of their own, and everytime another song plays, it matches one character's backstory and situation.

After we arrived, we went straight home, but it wasnt home. It was somebody else's house and it was dim and lacks a few features of an ideal home. Also, it lacks electricity bills and detergent. And weirdly, most of my family members are gone, and whats left was a few old strangers, and two-three of my aunts n uncles. I suddenly wanted to wash all my unwashed clothes. One uncle told me to just soak all my clothes in water, then go out and buy detergent. I went off and soaked them full in two huge red buckets. And then off to buy some detergent.

I was suddenly in a car driven by one of my sisters. All of my sisters were there and their friends as well. Looks like theyee on another joyride roadtrip and i tagged along to buy some detergent. Turns out we were all speeding on the road and the only places we stopped at were airport malls. They were trying to find an item that is only sold in airport malls, but seems like they werent having any luck. I suddenly completely forgotten all about the detergent, and i was suddenly carrying my big rucksack full of things i carried on the roadtrip.

When we stopped at another airport mall, i promised my sister who was driving the car thay I will be driving the car after this, sending them all straight home. I dont know if any of them nodded, and as they entered yet another airport mall, I chose to go to the front door. I saw my dad there, and he was talking to some friends of his, suddenly the airport scenery changed into some sort of outdoor party with barbecues and rows and columns of chairs under tents, for guests. It was like a typical embassy event. I wen up the ramp amd a lady stopped me, told me to help a pregnant lady down the ramp and escort her to her seat. I then searched for a pregnant lady but turns out a young man was already helping her. He told me it's okay as he pointed out to the pregnant lady safely reaching her seat inside one of the tents. Seeing this i went inside, searching for something.

Inside the airport was crowded so I had to lay my bag down somewhere quiet. I went through doors, stairs and rooms, and all I see was offices, receptionist halls, abandoned showcases, and pretty mucg people at work. Upon going back to this airport's mall to find my sisters and drive them home, I met Daniel, unexpectedly. I asked if he was going somewhere (but I forgot what he said). We talked briefly about stuff, and Limkokwing nostalgic moments and things we used to make fun off back there. He then had to go off somewhere else and weirdly, I was the one with the rucksack, not him.

I walked through random halls again, and this time suddenly the airport feels much like corridors and other places at Limkokwing. I grew kind of sad peering at the window and seeing a bunch of airport staff joking and goofing off in a room full of computers. That kinda reminded me of our multimedia classes. Now that we're gone it's just not the same anymore. I walked off and tried finding my sisters but I stopped by the receptionists and had a chat with them. Turns out these girls are alright and we briefly became friends. The way they bitched about their jobs are really jokingly that it doesnt even seem like they're actually complaining. We all laughed for a good 15 minutes... after I remembered to look for my sisters again.

After the nice short chat with the receptionists, I walked downstairs and entered this empty beige hall with brown carpeting and slanting curved pillars. Slanting curved pillars everywhere, it's almost making this room a maze. Suddenly I heard giggling and talking. I recognized Daniel's voice being one of them so he must be here. I was surprised at the other voice, cuz I recognized it was Michelle's. Sure enough there they were, normally joking and teasing each other when I thought all this time they've broken up. Michelle told me both of them were going on a flight together (I forgot where to) and she brought her pet dog, a cute little pug who was super friendly and likes exploring things. I put my rucksack down and the pug starts opening the zipper and rummaging the contents. There were socks and skipping ropes and my wallet, too, and this dog throws them around everywhere and leaving pawprints. Oddly enough it didn't drool on any of my stuff. The dog was running everywhere too and Daniel and Michelle had a hard time catching it. Suddenly the three receptionists whom I became friends with came downstairs cuz they heard the dog. Michellw told them it was her dog and they played with it for a brief while, while I gave her some of my foreign currency notes. It seems that maybe she and Daniel are going to China since I gave them Yuan banknotes, along with Hong Kong dollar banknotes just in case they're going to Hong Kong or Macau. For some reason I gave her Indonesian Rupiah banknotes n Singapore dollar banknotes too. She didnt mind and she gave me some Malaysian Ringgit banknotes along with some other foreign money from places she's been to.

After all that happened we're all suddenly at the main airport hall, with crowding people rushing towards the gate. I could see Daniel and Michelle, both with rucksacks of their own, among them, rushing inside the gate. All I was was left with my backpack and the stuff the little pug threw around. Strangely a ghost was there, telling me to clean these up and pack my stuff. And just like that I suddenly remember about my sisters and detergent, and then packed my stuff.
It was as if my story was a movie, ant the ending credits showed me rolling and folding a bright purple rope n tied it with neon green string for a sad little girl, and the soundtrack was someone's song, it was a slow sad song, called "Little Princess" with the lyrics going like "you motherfucking spoiled little princess" or something.

August 28 2011

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