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September 12 2013

What's one thing everyone should do in their lifetime?

travel to places, see fresh new sceneries. or maybe see their favorite band live. live their life a little at least. do something that makes them feel at least one step closer to reach those dreams.

August 10 2013

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what is this

the future

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July 20 2013



Now that’s the way to travel!

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October 10 2012

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October 04 2012


August 24 2012


July 09 2012

Planet Earth Phenomenon:
That is real one and incredible!!
For all you fans of extreme traveling, Waldseilgarten mountain resort in Bavaria, Germany might be the destination for you. How does camping in a tent hanging 6,562 feet in the air sound? Waldseilgarten resort offers a variety of camping options from the top of a Bavarian mountain summit. From enjoying a good night’s sleep while dangling off a tree top or cliff to sleeping in a hand built igloo, this resort should provide the right fix for any of you adventurous thrill seekers.
I wanna be here.
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January 17 2012

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January 14 2012

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11 out ouf eleven doctors…
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November 16 2011

Travel Guide Magazine Cover by squizmo
YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FULLY EDITABLE PSD FILE at http://graphicriver.net/item/travel-guide-magazine-cover/697127?ref=squizmo

September 29 2011

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