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July 07 2013


April 13 2013

Attempting Busty Girl Comic….. yeah im kind of tired….. i dont think this is even acceptable…… i get this “I WANT YOUR BOOBS!!” every single time.
Your art is super cute! :3 I miss Busty Girl Comics. They were great, but, your comic is awesome too! You should make more of them, if you have the motivation for it!
well i have a webcomic working on but i havent touched it for a year due to college, and the net here REALLY sucks in the hostel, but i do made a lot of comics when i have the time and keep it in a folder so in the future if i find a good net, i’ll upload them all here. 
but thank you most of all for finding my drawing really cute. i have a few more ideas fr busty girl comics but im afraid they might think im trying to take over their blog or somethng by doing so. I still draw them, but not uploading them.
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November 16 2012

How I feel about heights as well *coughcuzmyboobsareaveragecough*
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December 30 2011

0097 9337
mom, dad, can I take my master's degree here PWEEEEASE?

February 19 2011

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