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October 18 2012



Bruce: Well, I don’t know about Tony’s team, but I have a group of four Pokemon. 

Betty gave me Teddiursa when I visited her at Culver University. She suggested that Teddiursa could aid me while I was in hiding. It has the task of following me around with important items in case I hulk out, like ID, money, and clothing. I found Shaymin in a field of Gracidea flowers when looking for a Hulk cure near the bottling facility in Brazil. It keeps me calm and collected in stressful situations. I came across Cubone when I was on the run and hiding out in a forest in Guatemala. It had lost its mother so I decided to take him in. I understand how painful it can be to lose someone so close to you, so we have a special bond. The Reuniclus was given to me by Ross when I still worked for the army. It’s helpful when I need an assistant to help me when Tony isn’t around.

I don’t know what I’d do without them.

((ooc: oops the question was for both of them…I’ll do Tony too!))

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April 30 2011


PKMN Trainer - Green Day by cartoonjunkie

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