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December 24 2017

a rather uhh... phallic dwelling
This one also started out as a doodle, & also drawn in Procreate. I'm still practicing on finer details plus highlighting & shading, and i've always loved houses that look like they pop straight outta storybooks.

August 20 2017

Oh man how long ago was it when I did this, 2011? 
Pic is from here https://chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art/Razia-s-Shadow-tower-212510224
Song is “Life Is Looking Up” by Forgive Durden, part of the musical.

December 06 2014


September 10 2013


Menara Air Ini Bertransformasi Jadi Rumah Mewah

Sebagian memilih tinggal dengan rumah pohon dan adapula yang tinggal disebuah hunian menara air. Setidaknya inilah yang diputuskan oleh Leigh Orbourne dan Grahan Voce. Di tahun 2008 mereka memutuskan untuk mengubah menara air menjadi rumah mewah.

Menara ini terletak di utara-barat London, Inggris, yang pada awalnya dibangun pada tahun 1877 oleh Fowler dan Hill, sebagai bagian dari Lambeth Workhouse dan Infirmary. Menara ini memiliki struktur tinggi 99 kaki dengan 5 kaki dan dinding tebal dan tangki baja air besar di bagian atas. Sementara di tahun 2008, menara itu dalam kondisi tidak baik. Sehingga hal ini memerlukan pemulihan dan renovasi namun sayangnya tak banyak orang yang minat akan bangunan ini. Hingga akhirnya pasangan yang membelinya punya ide tidak biasa yaitu mengubahnya menjadi rumah pribadi.
Some choose to stay in a treehouse and some made their choices living in some water tower. At least this was what Leigh Orbourne and Grahan Voce chose. In 2008 they decided to refurbish a water tower into a grand house.

The tower is located in North-West of London, England, which at first was built in 1877 by Fowler and Hil, as a part of Lambeth Workhouse & Infirmary. This tower's structure is 99 feet x 5 feet, thick walls and a big steel water tank on top. Back n 2008, its condition isn't so well and it badly needed renovation, but sadly not many people would take interest in this building. Until a couple who bought it sparked an unusual idea, that is turning it into their private home.

August 21 2013

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June 11 2013


February 11 2013


"The skies were healed that day" by *iNeedChemicalX (Felicia Simion Photography)

part ii. the cure.

part i: 

December 04 2012


New Tokyo Ondo
The most WTF kind of awesome animation I've seen today. Lol he just stretched his hand to grab the tower & pulled both of them to the tower & it's all a victory moment until the coin accidentally hit a star & it shattered into a bajillion kazillion normal-sized coins... holy crap how depressing.
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September 16 2012

3378 b13f
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September 14 2012


September 01 2012




Tags: tower kyoto

August 27 2012

Aww yiss... it sorta looks like an interesting comic
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July 07 2012

5675 f544
Just Londoners being awesome
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April 15 2012


November 27 2011

The Seattle Tourist Shot
by ~TheVenomousSwan

June 10 2011

Razia's Shadow tower
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