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November 28 2014


September 05 2014


March 30 2014


December 23 2013


November 23 2013

11/20/13 Manchester, UK @ Academy 1 (Photo by Hoeg)
I bet he's singing Girls/Girls/Boys. Lol the mic holder though

September 08 2013

Ah I do miss his pomehawk
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Jared Leto
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November 04 2012


September 28 2012

I want this for my birthday!
Oh Cap. Y U so hot when u topless?

September 14 2012

3990 ef55
Tags: thor topless wtf
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September 12 2012



I dont watch Teen Wolf but just reposting this for the lulz..
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August 01 2012

Loki Laufeyson:
HA! I got millions of Fangirls than Thor. And I'm not even topless just smiling.
Well the thing is, Thor has fabulous hair, while Loki has a mesmerizing smile.
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May 27 2012


September 16 2011

DREAM 17-3-2014

The earlier part of this dream had something to do with me studying in a dim dark classroom n people cheating, n there was a fight n the teacher punished some of the students. Before this, i mentioned something about launching Reaperpunk inc. for real and a member of Evil Squares inc. got angry n started a flame war between ES and RP fans.

The second part of the dream told me the difference between shirtless and topless. I was hanging out with Asia's Next Top Model contestants idk why. And they formed two teams, i was in one team with the indian girl n two filipinos. N someone from the other team (probably a non-model like me) makes fun of me for not knowing the difference between shirtless n topless. I kinda noticed that this girl looks like Zara, and I asked the actual Zara whats the difference between shirtless and topless from her ask.fm, but she replied that she had no idea either.

I asked Sneha Ghosh, the Indian model, what the difference is, amd she told me to listen to a song n watch the music video. It says there that a man was shirtless n he only wore a singlet in the video. And it hit me that "shirtless" is without a shirt, so if I wear a bra, a singlet or a tank-top I'd be SHIRTLESS, not TOPLESS. topless is wearing nothing on the body. I cant believe this dream actually made sense.

Oh and the competition with these models took place in a room full of lava n we're standing on ledges, throwing chappati doughs from afar n knitting a raft from hard ropes. I was in one team with Sneha, b the filipinas Katarina Rodriguez n Jodilly Pendre. N i was asking for one of the singaporean models, Nicole Lee, who didnt come.

DREAM 18-3-2014

Had a dream that I was babysitting Korean kids. Two of them were sisters Yerin and Yeseo (from youtube channel Bobaepapa) and there was also one random boy, probably 6 years old or younger. It was quite cute cuz I was playing with them the whole day and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

March 18 2011

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