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July 07 2017


July 02 2015

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where is the lie


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you are awesome!
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June 25 2015

Reminders to myself (and any other artsy people who follow me i guess)


-You don’t get better at drawing by avoiding drawing until you are better at drawing.

- You don’t have to make a new masterpiece every day it’s okay if all you drew is a doodle of a bug. You are now +1 bug doodle better at doodling bugs. 

- Also it’s okay if the thing you drew didn’t turn out very good. Everything you draw makes you one step closer to being able to draw good. You are still +1 step better at drawing whatever you drew no take backsies.

- You are the only person who knows if your art didn’t turn out as good as you wanted it to. You are the only person who can see the things in your art that weren’t what you imagined in your head. No one else will know unless you tell them.

- Comparing yourself to other artists just isn’t fair. You get to see all of your art, the best stuff and the worst stuff. You usually only get to see the best stuff other artists make. You don’t get to see that half drawn badly propotioned face they drew at 2 am and immediately scrapped. So don’t compare your badly drawn 2 am face to their best work.

- Just keep making art. The only way you can really fail is if you give up. 

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Did you know you can un-send an email in Gmail? The feature has been hidden for years — but now Google is finally pushing it wide and adding some additional customization. Setting it up is pretty easy. 


to save. a freaking. life

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why you should make a webcomic and why you can make a webcomic




why should you make a webcomic?

  1. it’s regular drawing practice
  2. you get to draw and develop the universe your OCs live in
  3. you could draw your OCs making out with context
  4. see number 3

how can you make a webcomic?

  1. go to smackjeeves, tapastic or Line Webtoon
  2. or... just make a new Soup blog & tweak its appearance
  3. post webcomics as how you'd post in any other Soup blog.

what if nobody sees my webcomic :(

  1. too bad you got to draw your OCs making out and nobody can appreciate your artistic genius obviously the world is not ready for this webcomic genius

It also might be good for an artistic resume or portfolio.

Welp, guess that settles it. I need to start a webcomic.

reblogging this to add while the original link to the theme in this post is inactive, you can find the newest webcomic theme here

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    June 20 2015

    wamscoastsmoker asked: Hey! Love your art soooo much! I was wondering,what drawing program do you use? ^_^ ❤️


    I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly!
    I use Photoshop CC/C6 most of the time!
    I like to draw my line arts on Clip Studio Paint (trial)~
    Recently ivatimsee​ introduced to me Mischief (free!) which is a very good program to just chill and doodle endlessly with the infinity canvas :)

    I just received another ask, asking if I draw on the iPad?
    Yes I do! So I thought why not show/recommend for some of you guys who are on the go and wants to doodle up with your fingers instead :D!


    Paper 53 is super cool!! It has such amazing brushes!!
    You can check out the website for the tutorial and read up more about it there
    SketchBookX is another freaking cool app (available on iPad & computer!) but I think its more professional looking compared to Paper 53.
    The rest don’t have as many functions and are more limited but if you would like to just doodle for fun~ those apps are great too!
    (Penultimate always crashes for old gen iPads)

    If you guys are curious on what I use to draw on~
    My tablet is an intuos pro medium and my mom’s iPad first gen.
    (throws a mini patrick stump for you guys!!)


    June 06 2015

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    some things I need to remind myself daily tbh

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    June 04 2015

    How to make a character's death sadder


    1.  Don’t have them die of old age after a long, fulfilling life. Many people don’t even think of this as sad (note that this can still work if you have enough of the other factors).
    2.  Leave one of their major goals unfinished. The more enthusiastic they are about completing the goal, the sadder.
    3.  Give them strong relationships with other characters.
    4.  Make them fight against whatever is causing their death. Their ultimate loss is sadder if they struggle.
    5.  Kill them in the middle of their character arc.
    6.  Don’t describe their funeral in detail. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that long descriptions of funerals kill the sadness.


      That’s enough Satan’s publisher…


      7. If possible, try to kill them off in the middle of the story, so we had time to like them and we will have time to let the loss settle in.

      8. Also, place surviving characters in a situation where having the deceased person there would help them get out. You can choose whether you will point this fact out or if you want the audience to make the connection themselves.




      9. Make them die by sacrificing themselves to save someone they love from a danger created by the antagonist.


      based on a few deaths that made me blub like a baby…

      10. have their loved one, broken hearted, tell the team to stop fighting because “its over.” 

      11. have their pet come looking for them. 

      12. have their loved one perform a popular song at their funeral so it makes the fans cry whenever it’s played.

      13. family witnessing the death and/or blaming themselves.

      ~ Mulan


      so… let’s add some frustration to your dear readers’ sadness, shall we?

      14. kill the character in the middle of making a joke, smiling, or expressing/experiencing joy/happiness.

      15. make the character’s death slow and painful, but make them unable to call out for help even though they can literally see the other characters nearby.

      16. after killing the character, have others think the character had betrayed them so they’d always hate them and remember them as traitors and never say nice things about them… Give your readers no chance to have group-therapy with other characters by making them the only ones who know the truth.

      17. right before their death, show a side of them nobody has seen. (someone who is always tough and brave being genuinely scared of dying alone; someone who is always laughing being in tears before dying, etc.)

      18. make them the only person who knows a big important secret that would help other characters in the story.

      19. have them being lied to before dying. (thinking they’ve been betrayed; thinking they weren’t loved; thinking they’ve lost their loved ones, etc)

      20. make the character very enthusiastic/passionate about a certain goal, constantly put stress on their goal, have them die unexpectedly before they can reach their goal. 

      and the best one…

      21. have another beloved character kill them–better be a close friend to your character, one that absolutely nobody suspects, one that everyone can’t help but love, one who is always enthusiastic about things and encourages your character. THEN

      • reveal the truth only later when it’s too late and the a-hole character has already escaped.
      • have a cowardly character know the truth and never tell anyone else
      • have another character find out the truth and have them die before revealing it to others. 
      • have the said character ^ not actually die, but go through something so they’d forget the friend of the deceased character is actually an asshole. 

      This way only your readers will know the truth, thus the frustration would be… most enjoyable for you. 

      Satan out.


      22. Don’t kill their body.  Kill their mind.

      Leave the physical shell walking and talking, but strip out everything that made that person who they were.  Make them forget all about their loved ones, themselves, their experiences and past, their skills, and have them have to start over completely from scratch.  Physical and mental disabilities bonus points.

      And keep them in a place where their loved ones will be taunted every day by a living ghost.

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      June 03 2015

      Don't fight about money in front of your kids.




      They will feel guilty like it’s their fault and not ask for necessities when they run out.

      Don’t fucking do it.

      Don’t use money AGAINST your kids either. Don’t EVER tell them money is tight when it’s not, and they KNOW it’s not. That’s another way for them to not trust you or to feel guilty when asking for anything. 

      Also don’t use money as a guilt tactic for them not doing something or not agreeing with you.

      “I buy your food and your clothes and this and that and this is how you repay me?”

      They didn't ask to be born, you made the choice to have a child and take care of them as a responsible parent. Don’t throw that guilt on them and make them feel like shit over what they couldn’t control.

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      May 25 2015

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      What is a terrarium?

      The best definition for a terrarium is a mini indoor garden kept in a glass container. Terrarium’s are perfect for those who have little time for gardening or just don’t have a green thumb! Terrariums have become very popular lately especially for those living in small spaces such as  apartments, or townhouses that lack an outdoor garden area. They are very low maintenance and look great!

      How to make a Terrarium

      Choose your plants! Aim for low maintenance plants such as cacti, succulents, ferns and mosses. Do your research and pick plants that will grow well together. It’s also important to choose plants that won’t grow big enough to take up your living room! choose small growing plants that will happily live in your terrarium.

      Pick your terrarium! Popular choices are Jars, vases, bottles, canisters, tureens, and fish bowls.  Cloche’s are often used however if you pick this as your terrarium it will need to be lifted occasionally to allow your plants to breathe. 

      Where to keep your terrarium? All plants need lightso preferably somewhere your terrarium can get indirect light. Try to avoid placing it under an air conditioner or heater. 

      Essentials for inside your terrarium

      * Soil: Preferably a light soil with lots of drainage. 

      * Pebbles or gravel: These are great for drainage and allow the soil to avoid sitting in water at the bottom. The pebbles are great for the top of the terrarium for a neat appearance.

      * Gardening charcoal: This will improve the quality of the soil and keep it fresh!

      * Metal gauze: You can place this between the gravel and the soil to stop the soil from falling between the pebbles. 

      * Sheet moss: This can be used as a lining at the bottom of the terrarium to soak up any excess water.

      Make your terrarium Step by Step

      1. Place pebbles and or gravel into your container.

      2. You can either add a layer of sheet moss or metal gauze to stop the soil from filtering down into the pebbles and gravel.

      3. Add the soil and mix with some gardening charcoal. The amount you add will depend on the size of your plants, add approximately 2 or 3 inches of soil. Pack it down gently. 

      4. Add your plants! Dig a small hole for each plant and once placed in gently pack soil around each plant. 

      5. Give your terrarium some water and you’re done!

      How to maintain your Terrarium: If your terrarium is open it only needs occasional watering (once a week or two). Succulents and cacti are quite hardy so they need watering less often (once a month). If you have a lid on your terrarium and you see condensation and your plants wilting you’ll need to remove the lid and allow some fresh air inside. 

      Enjoy your terrarium!

      Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com 

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      May 17 2015


      Tuesday Tips: Typographic Transgressions

      May 05 2015


      April 18 2015

      artist tips


      don’t save as jpeg


      as a former yearbook editor and designer, let me explain this further

      if youre only planning on posting your art online, them please save it as .png ;this is also better for transparencies as well


      please, if youre planning of printing your art, NEVER use png. it makes the quality of the image pretty shitty. use jpeg or pdf instead. and always set your work at 300dpi to get a better printing quality - this means, the images are crisper and sharper and theres no slight blurriness. i had a talk with my friend who is currently taking design, and pdf is much better to use when youre working with a bigger publishing company because it still has the layers intact, but if youre only planning on printing your stuff at staples or at some small publishing store, the jpeg is the way to go.

      this has been a public service announcement


      I’ve replied to this once before but I see it’s doing the rounds again.

      This is all utter bullshit.

      I’m sorry but if your qualification is working on the school yearbook, you have no qualifications. Do not pretend otherwise. As a former professional photo manipulator for advertising brochures, I can say that you’re not comparing apples to oranges here - if anything, you’re comparing fruit to farmyard machinery:

      • JPEG is a lossy format. It is suitable for web imagery because it sacrifices detail for reduced file sizes, but in doing so it introduces artifacts that weren’t in the original; if you load a JPEG for editing, then save it as a different JPEG, then you’re adding more artifacts formed from those first artifacts. Do this often enough and you end up with a horrid glitchy mess that looks like a puddle’s reflection after a stone’s been thrown in. You’ve seen those memes that have 3 or 4 different “found at” tags along the bottom, that look like fingerpainted copies of the original? That’s why.
      • PNG is a lossless format that comes in two primary flavours, PNG-8 and PNG-24, which use 8 and 24 bit colour respectively. 8-bit colour is what you have in GIFs, a limit of just 256 different colours in a predetermined palette, usually automatically chosen by your software when saving. These files will look the same as GIFs, potentially with large patches of solid colour instead of the usual gradual shading seen in 24-bit imagery. This is usually better for small banners or pixel art, as it can yield smaller filesizes than GIF format. (There is an animated version called MNG but it has very little web support, hence the continued use of GIFs.)
      • PNG-24 is great for larger images where detail is as important as colour depth, as well as printable RGB images and (if supported by the client) full colour images with gradient transparencies. It most certainly does not make “the quality of the image pretty shitty,” as it preserves every nuance. File sizes can be smaller than JPEG for small images, or significantly larger for large images.
      • PDF is a container file, whatever you put into it will be pretty much preserved as it was, so you gain nothing but lose nothing.
      • TIFF is what you need to be using for archival or print-quality imagery. It has support for multiple layers, multiple colour channels (RGB as well as CMYK, which is essential for accurate print rendering), and everything is preserved exactly as it was seen on-screen when being composed. There are compressed versions available, they use similar methods to PNG in order to maintain detail without sacrifice; next to whatever your graphics program uses natively, this is the most interchangeable format available for professional use.
      • DPI is important only when used in combination with image dimensions; in and of itself it serves no purpose. If you make a brilliantly detailed 640x480 image & set it to 300dpi, you’ll receive a brilliantly detailed 2 inch x 1.6 inch print. This is great if you want to make a postage stamp, but not if you’re creating an A4 flyer! Determine the image’s dimension then set the DPI accordingly; 72dpi isn’t hideous especially for text-heavy work (it’s ~3 pixels per millimeter), and 150dpi can be suitable for many images. Unless you’re interested in photo realism, 300dpi is usually overkill - for our hypothetical A4 flyer, you’d need a file of 2490x3510 pixels for edge to edge printing, with a correspondingly high memory requirement and filesize even if using a compressed format.
      • Keeping the layers intact is utterly unimportant for print work unless you want to use a separated colour print method that requires multiple passes to lay down each ink. If you send a file with all the layers, masks, etc. off for printing you’re liable to get it sent back unactioned, as they won’t want to take responsibility for choosing the wrong elements for printing. Save your work with everything intact, then save a flattened copy especially for printing purposes - this is one of the reasons Save Copy As… is a common option in graphics manipulation software.

      This has been a Public Service Rebuttal.

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      March 25 2015


      March 21 2015


      March 15 2015

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      Ili showed this on whatsapp. this should be read by offices everywhere
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      February 13 2015

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      Safe sex 101 by yik yak

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      February 02 2015

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      If you see something like this, DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR!

      Call a beekeeper, they can relocate the hive instead of killing them. Bees are dying at an alarming rate, please do not contribute to that! They are so important for our ecosystem!


      yo fuck this i aint gonna call no beekeeper i’m moving before i’m dead


      I’m going to call an exterminator so the exterminator can kill them. I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that there are less bees in the world.


      No bees = no food.

      No food = no life.

      Congratulations on destroying the world.


      Because you seem to not understand that bees pollinate flowers and literally bees are the reason we have food.


      Did you guys even watch bee movie


      you really really must call a bee keeper!


      My family’s house had it’s entire attic taken over by bees one year. They slowly started appearing in the house, and then they were everywhere.  We called a bee keeper, and he removed what he said was the largest domestic honeycomb/bee nest he’d ever seen.  I was so terrified I’d gone to stay with a friend.  My folks called me to meet the bee keeper, and he led me on the most magical journey through the house.  He explained the bees were harmless if you move calmly through them and don’t swat at or harass them.  He was only stung once because he accidentally put his hand down and smooshed one.  The bees landed on me, walked a bit, then buzzed away.  All honey combs and bees were safely removed and relocated.  Call a bee keeper, they are awesome!


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      January 22 2015

      Tips on being awesome?

      1. Stop being sad. Be awesome instead 
      2. Get a Soup.io account. Be 10% awesomer. 
      3. Befriend & train dragons, don't kill them. Having a pet dragon is awesome. 4. If you're a princess you must own a bow & arrow. But if anyone disagrees, please dont turn them into bears. 
      5. When you hear a pop song which has similar beats/melody/rhythm as your favorite songs, sing said favorite songs out loud instead. 
      6. If ya wanna catch some 'Mons, it's better to have just one that befriends you until the end & have loads of evolution stages rather than getting a few with little evolution stages. Also, the ones from the computer that suck you into the digital world are way better than the ones that you catch in little red & white balls >:P 
      7. If you have to use the phone booth, remember; the red one is a regular phone booth & the blue ones are time-and-dimension-traveling machines operates by some mofo wearing a bowtie or a fez. Always choose the blue ones.
      8. Avoid the mainstream unless if it is actually better/more useful. Always know the alternatives of things surrounding you. Always have alternatives. Bring your friends to places and sites nobody has ever heard before. 
      9. If someone has the same birthday as you it's better to celebrate together despite being strangers (i had problems with this advice as well wtf am i telling you this). One advantage is less money spent. 
      10. Boys, have 1 day in a week where you pee sitting down. Girls, same advice but you pee standing up instead. (I've actually tried this and yes we can indeed pee standing up) 
      12. Lel i skipped number 11
      11. Lel its right here
      13. Dress up for the job you wanna have, not for the job you're working right now. Im sure you've all seen that blue poster with some dude wearing a Batman costume to work, why dont you go for that extent in real life? 
      14. Put plastic bows on your pet snakes. Snakes want to feel pretty too. 
      15. Pat your head, rub your belly, put the lime in the coconut and drink em all up. 
      16. If you have a best friend, make a youtube channel & start doing comedy skits or start a talkshow every morning. 

      These are all advices from movies, TV series & random internet people they seem 100% legit go ahead & try
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