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November 10 2013

our cover of This Isn't Everything You Are (Snow Patrol)

I thought that last Hero comic was gonna be the last one for this year… turns out I still had this to draw out. And I must've used a very faint pen with lesser quality compared to the last one, cuz this looked a bit… umm, faded.

This Snow Patrol song has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now. Since this is a sad song I figured the purples and greys are perfect, and the yellows lit up when the optimism blast slowly fade in and fill the scenery, like how the song supposedly goes.
We have an extra member, ~biechung, playing the keytar XD and also because we need 8 people to make 4 pairs of dancing couples

October 21 2013

I doodled this when Snow Patrol's "This Isn't Everything You Are" got stuck in my head.
Judging by this song (and a lot of songs out there) I guess this is depicting that songs can be really eargasmic despite (or because) they are written out of the singer's (or songwriter's) own sorrow and painful backstories & events.

The character looks androgynous in the initial sketch but now I kinda see it as a guy... probably the guy version of myoo89 since she also has curly hair and a white shrt with black stripes.
Maybe I was subconsciously thinking about Snow Patrol's leadsinger & basing the character on him, but well...

the drips don't turn out like how I imagine them to be

February 08 2012

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I know everyone jokes about 2:43, but the real reason why he stops singing is because of his emotions take over since this song is three different true stories about people who Gary is close with.

FFF I KNEW IT. He's trying not to cry! SDFGHJKSGSKHSDG
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