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April 01 2014


October 19 2013

our cover of Blinded
Decided to do another one of these... and this time, it's one of my all-time favorite songs, "Blinded (When I See You" by Third Eye Blind. I've been talking a lot about this song previously. I decided to pick another set of color palette, this time a slightly-warm cold one.

This time I took over ~myoo89's position as leadsinger... but she joined in anyway and we both formed a duet. And of course, somebody had to play the Icarus part, which has got to be ~ChainofHeavens for no reason. Wax wings melted by the stage lights causing him to fall and crowd-surf... it's PERFECT. Lol the Icarian Sea of crowd though XD

And the part where both me and Tina lying down, one speechbubble got covere behind 'golden' cuz it actually said 'gilded' (which means gold-coated, so the meanings make not much difference anyway). I browsed the lyrics and a lot of lyric sites say 'golden' but listening to the song I've always heard 'gilded' instead.

DRUM SOLO FTW :headbang:
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November 25 2012


October 02 2012

Can we get the chemicals in 
Cause anything’s better than this 
Mix it up with vicodin 
Cause anything’s better than this 
Little cuts on your wrist, 
To try and get back the feeling 
And no real friendships exists 
That would be an understatement 

August 11 2012

September 30 2011

Third Eye Blind - Jumper music video

September 09 2011

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