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March 25 2018

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why does old english look like shitposting

wuss poppin jimþo

thats a thorn. That little half b half p looking abomination makes the “th” sound.

that says “thiccness”. That IS shitposting

who the fuck discovered time travel in 2017

Oak, and ash, and thorn

While there isn’t an abandoned letter called ‘oak’, there’s one called ‘ash’, that ligature (conjoined) ‘a’ and ‘e’ you see in old-ish British English spellings like “hæmorrhage”. 

It was originally æsc in Old English (Anglo-Saxon) but still pronounced ‘ash’ or ‘eysh’, according to my Uni tutor, though I never asked how he knew - based on rhyme, maybe, or a private time machine. 

There’s another letter, ‘eth’, which is the d with curved crossbarred stem - ð - usually written as plain ’d’ though in reality pronounced like the ‘th’ in ‘with’. 

Thus the chief Norse god isn’t Odin but Othin. 


Volstagg the Voluminous, of course, is Ofat…

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