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June 10 2015

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Human screentime of Disney PoC characters in 3 of the last 6 PoC-lead WDAS films

*sips her tea*

Everyone who has ever been turned into an animal in a Disney movie was done so, because they needed to learn a lesson.

Tiana was working herself to the bone, then had the one thing she was working for, ripped away from her.
She needed to learn that life is full of situations one cannot control. She learned that taking some time to reevaluate what’s really important to her, not to others, is good for her and that sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. 


Kuzco was a selfish little prick who was willing to not only boot HIS subjects off of THEIR land, but was going to offer them nothing in return for… 


It took him being thrown from his comfort zone and into the lives he was planning to ruin from his selfishness, to knock some sense into him. He was extremely stubborn and it took him nearly the whole movie to actually understand that, due to his selfishness and insensitivity toward others, people who had more resources than him, were out to kill him. 
(Not to mention that Yzma was turned into a cat. After using and abusing Kronk, treating Kuzco’s subjects with distain, and attempting to kill her previous employer.) 


Naveen was willing to do anything (originally thinking of marry a woman he’s never met before, but then being convinced that voodoo would have a “no strings attached” solution for his money problems) just to be free to travel and romance any gal he’d take an interest in. 
He was turned into a frog and had to reevaluate how he responded to others. He found out that he didn’t need an extravagant lifestyle, just to be happy. He also learned that hard work can be really rewarding. 


Kenai lost his eldest brother and was thrown into a vengeful rage. He wanted vengeance at the cost of a child’s mother. He was then turned into a bear from his transactions and had to learn to see things from another’s perspective. It was only after he corrected his behavior and learned to let go, that he was allowed to be a human again. 
But, here’s the important part, he chose to remain a bear, so he could take care of his new family.  


Are we noticing a pattern here? 
When someone needs to learn a perspective changing lesson, they’re turned into an animal, because that couldn’t be further from what they’re used to. 
They were all given the choice to change back or remain the animal they were turned into. 
So, with all of this in mind, here’s my final example. 


From what we know, it took this idiot years to learn how to properly interact with others and treat them as equal. From what’s been said in the other Beauty and the Beast films, it’s to be assumed he’d been cursed for nearly 10 years. 


these people reach for the stars

Also kuzco got an entire show of him being (mostly) human

Oh look at that 




SJWS have too much fucking free time 

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June 03 2015






I freakin love off the wall illuminati theories

“Off the wall”. Vans. Vans off the wall. Vans are also cars. Who drives vans? Creeps. Whos creepy? Slenderman. Slenderman wears a suit, so Natalia Kills would dissaprove. “Natalia Kills” has three A’s in it. a triangle has three sides. This post is illuminati confirmed.

I’m so happy tbh

You just proved it again. “I’m so happy tbh” has 12 letters in it. It also has 4 words. Guess what 12 divided by 4 is? That’s right- it’s 3. A triangle has 3 sides. Checkmate. Illuminati confirmed yet again. This is too easy.

yep. its real.

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March 15 2015

Theory: Gems physical form


I’m pretty sure this has been said but I think it’s interesting and I wanted to give my take on how the actual gems work. Now I was scrolling through the tag when I saw something that another fan had also seen and pointed out.

image image image

Look at all these Gems in mid-transformation you know what they look like?


They look like one of these little dudes, this is an art mannequin which you would use to reference a pose if you were having trouble. I find it interesting how when changing or coming out of their gems that they take this blank form first. Like a canvas of sorts, so this is how I think gems physical bodies work:

image image image image image image image

All these gems pictured above to me house the “non sedimentary” or “soul” of the crystal gems. Then their physical form is actually a mannequin that they project a form onto. In Steven Sword fighter we seen that Pearl was impaled which to me disrupted the projection and forced her soul back into the gem until the mannequin was replaced. I say replaced because the moment she returns, she is in an entirely different outfit.


But look! It seem although the mannequin form is replaced Pearl remembers her previous forms which she goes through until the mannequin then projects the new form with new clothes and everything.

If this is the case maybe this is why gems go crazy when their gems crack or even when they become monsters. If the gem is fractured in anyway the soul then has a hard time projecting the form onto the mannequin. Perhaps this is why Amethyst was having such a hard time keeping herself together.


And maybe between the disruption the soul also starts to malfunction as well as we see with Lapis.


Even here we can see her eyes are like a mirror Lapis can’t fully project herself because of her broken gem but she remembers just like how pearl remembers all of her forms.

So knowing this how does it apply to monsters? Well if we know that monsters are corrupted gems as Lapis was maybe the fusion rule also applies to the fractured gem rule? 

The rule of thumb for fusions is they might become permanent if the two gems stay fused for too long. So what happens if a gem is crack and isn’t repaired for a long time. Amethyst upon cracking her gem seemed to have fallen apart quickly. But Lapis who might’ve been trapped in the mirror for a long time was still in her physical form. I guess we can wave this off as being imprisoned in the mirror preserved her and prevented her from becoming a monster. Maybe that’s why she was imprisoned? 

So if a cracked gem is not healed for a long time then the disruption of the mannequin projection deteriorates further to a point that it takes on a whole new form instead, a more monstrous and aggressive form. The best example is the centipeedle monster from Monster buddies.


Look you can see that when the gem was free it tried to go back to it’s humanoid form. The one the gem/soul remembers. But the projection malfunctions and instead takes on the form of the creature again. It’s really sad because the soul of the gem is probably trapped inside wanting to get back to their original form and they can’t. It makes me feel sorry for them, they’re probably frustrated and maybe that’s why they become so aggressive. This is just a theory so it may or may not be true but this is how I think the gems actually work.

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January 24 2015


Dennis Wildfogel: How big is infinity?

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Came up with an non-canon "what if" theory that Connie is possibly a crystal gem. Or a demi-gem like Steven.

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October 22 2013

The Ditto Mew Clone Theory - Fantendo

This theory of Ditto's existence in the Pokémon franchise explains that Ditto may possibly be a failed clone of Mew. The reasons to "confirm" this are listed below:
  1. They are both pink. Although this does not prove much, it is possible that when Mew was being cloned in the creation of Mewtwo that the same color of Mew was necessary to make the Mewtwo-in-creation. Their shiny forms also both happen to be blue.
  2. They both know transform, and can technically both learn any move. It is possible that Mewtwo was supposed to know transform to make a successful clone. However, the real Mewtwo does not know Transform.
  3. They both weigh the same: 8.8 lbs. To make a successful clone, perhaps it was necessary for the two to weigh the same.
  4. Ditto's appearance of a scientific blob - Ditto appears to have been man-made. However, there are more than one Ditto, speculating that it may reproduce asexually.
  5. Mewtwo's Bio - Mewtwo was said to be the only successful copy of Mew, speculating that Ditto may be a failed clone.
  6. Ditto in the Pokémon Mansion. In Pokémon Yellow, the wild Pokémon roster for the burned out Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island (where Mewtwo was implied to have been created) was updated to feature Ditto, speculating that Ditto may have been created in the Mansion as well. This change was carried over to Fire Red and Leaf Green, the remakes of the original Pokémon Red and Blue.
  7. Mew is said to contain the DNA of every single Pokemon, while Ditto can essentially breed with every single Pokémon (with very few exceptions outside of legendary Pokémon).
  8. Both Mew and Ditto have base stats that are the same in every category. Mew has 100 base in each stat, while Ditto has 48 base. The failed cloning process may have resulted in such diminished stats.

August 29 2013

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▶ Is BMO From Adventure Time Expressive of Feminism? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

August 14 2013

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Suddenly thought of Gazpacho's mom while sitting on the toilet. Creepy.

April 02 2013

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What If The Sun Disappeared? - Vsauce
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March 29 2013




I was gonna write a quick blog post about My Chem, but instead this is gonna be a much longer post about the band, everything we know about their upcoming fifth album, and their future in general. Please click below if you’re interested.

thnks fr th mmrs MCR. 
wow this was a pointless blog to write out haha.> .<


  • My Chem have 6 tracks recorded for their 5th album.
  • The members of MCR were NOT allowed release a track recently or be credited as “My Chemical Romance” for “legal reasons”.
  • This is also probably why Gerard used a pseudonym for the solo track he posted. 
  • Warner took over 4 months on a deal for A band (may or may not have been them) to play a festival.
  • Definitely no My Chem tour this year.

Okay I have no idea how to start this off…..The band built a practice space/studio in LA. This is a good thing as it means they don’t have to pay for studio when they do want to record something. After coming back from Australia last year they started writing demos or pre-production or whatever it’s called. Ray posted a lot of photos from the studio, of whiteboards showing a song structure, gear, etc. (check his twitter for them!) They saved the day at Bamboozle 2012 when they decided to play last minute as a replacement, as blink dropped out…..flew in just to play that show and then flew back. Frank was quoted as saying “i think we’re maybe a month from the record button lighting up…”

Personell: Doug McKean is their audio engineer, as he’s been credited, for their past couple of albums. (Speculation) He might (probably?) also be acting as producer for this album, with the band possibly co-producing. Jarrod Alexander will be tracking drums (he’s their touring drummer that started in 2011) while James Dewees is most likely doing keyboard for this one, for the first time. 

The band recorded from June-August 2012, before taking a “short break”. 
In this time they recorded:

  • 6 songs for the fifth album, tentatively referred to as “MCR5” for now.
  • The song “This Song Is A Curse” was recorded by Frank (Jarrod on drums, James on keys, Doug producing/Ray co-producing)
  • “Small Petunia of the Galaxy” which probably isn’t an “MCR” song + should be filed under Gerard Way “solo”.
  • A track for the movie “The Man With The Iron Fists”

Studio time (June-August 2012):
maybe its not a guitar… maybe its like some sort of ghostbox or something” - Frank Iero. They also seemed to be watching a lot of horror movies…River’s Edge vs Dr. Phibes Rises Again ….FIGHT!! Vincent Price was the fucking best, hands down.
Working on a new song July 3rd: @raytoro & i are working on a song in the studio today, apparently inspired by movies about a young girl on a journey of sexual exploration. 
Frank took a break from studio and was in New York on July 11/23rd, so he doesn’t mind flying to/from. (constantly?) Aug 12 as well…
July 17th Doug asked for a sample of the announcement chime from Narita airport. 
From July 28-31st he posted a bunch of photos from studio:

@yourandroidgirl http://t.co/JQeKdBpB Jul 31, 2012 image
Ok this is for @yourandroidgirl Jul 31, 2012 image
Who wants to see more from the studio? Jul 31, 2012 image
If you only knew what this sounded like! http://t.co/q6WvyFEy Jul 31, 2012 image
Getting ready for guitar overdubs http://t.co/ymp9ggUd Jul 31, 2012 
Thank you Langevin http://t.co/ZyrAbAsn Jul 28, 2012 image 
Six million ways to die, choose one. http://t.co/KeJ09VMh Jul 28, 2012 image
Never leave the studio and you won’t miss any of the music. http://t.co/ZB4KbEsf Jul 28, 2012 image

Doug asked for audio samples on August 20th, to be used on a record he’s working on….
I don’t want to be more specific on what type of sounds. Be creative Aug 20, 2012 
I’ll reveal what record and where it’s used to whomever sends usable clips. Aug 19, 2012 
I need sound for a record I’m working on. I’m looking for original sound no music to be used on the record. Send to sound4doug @yahoo.com Aug 19, 2012  

MCR took a “short break” after August to work on other stuff (Gerard had promo with deadmau5 to do, stuff at Morriscon/etc), they HAD planned to get back in December to the studio but this never materialised.

Frank’s track was released September 25th. He stated: This Song Is A Curse was the first thing we finished at the studio we built to record the next My Chem record, so that’s kinda cool.
Frank recorded (probably two) tracks in late September in New Jersey. We’ve got one of those, on his website, his cover of “be my baby”. SHOULD be another one, probably original…that he hasn’t unleashed yet…

The band had wrote/recorded a track “Hell Hath No Fury” that was supposed to be on the soundtrack for the film “The Man With The Iron Fists”. Due to legal issues, this didn’t happen…they also weren’t credited as “My Chemical Romance” in the film credits for the piece, but credited separately - probably because they weren’t allowed use the name “My Chemical Romance”……The full version of the track hasn’t been made available. 

Gerard recorded in December. He released a track he did there “ZeroZeroZero” under the handle “DannyTheStreet” as he’s probably not allowed release anything under his own name, similar reasons to the above….
The track info for this was listed as “Track 3 of 4” so it’s unknown whether the other tracks were just different mixes of the same song, or possibly different songs altogether, from the same session… 

Frank posted his track under his own name as he’s not the lead singer + so wouldn’t have the same clause preventing him from doing so, i think….
When asked by Kevin Smith about the new album, he said it was “dark. very dark” so far, and spoke of wishes to get Colleen Atwood (Tim Burton, The Black Parade, etc) to design costumes for the new album’s theme. 

Ray had a kid.

James Dewees did a bunch of shows in early 2013 with Matt Pryor of the get up kids. Him/Frank announced a new band “Death Spells” who’ll be supporting MSI in April at some of the east coast shows, and who’ll be appearing at Skate+Surf fest in NJ May 18th. Leathermouth will be performing May 19th. So both him/frank are pretty much accounted for, through to May. 
On Jan 11th, MCR’s producer/audio engineer Doug, tweeted that he was “recording bass with @lprock”  As of March 18th, she tweeted that they were still “in the studio recording”. 2 days later, Billboard previewed her album, apparently being produced by Rob Cavallo. [link] “L.P. and Cavallo only began recording her new full-length in early February; as of March 1, 10 tracks were in various states of completion. Cavallo says they need five or six more to finish, hopefully by late spring.
This is relevant as it shows that the recordings that artists make with Doug, may JUST be rough recordings + not planned to be the final copy. Matches up to what Frank said in the Altpress article [here] There are a lot of songs written. Some of them are recorded decently, but its not near completion by any means. 
But then again, MAYBE by “decently” he means “more than demo quality, good enough to be released” as This Song Is A Curse DID come from the same environment + he believed that to be good enough for release… 

Gerard spent time in their studio over christmas with Doug also there, messing around and apparently writing lyrics. 

 Back to the 6 songs they “recorded”, may be full tracks or just demo versions..Kerrang called them demo versions in their recent article though: 
Gerard recently played four of these songs for Mat Devine (of Kill Hannah fame) who he recently visited. When asked about it, Mat said: “It’s incredible. It’s slightly new territory. It’s an evolution. I’ve heard four new songs. It’s exactly in line with what My Chem fans want to hear, but at the same time it really marks what I think is a new phase. Its super-refreshing, but at the same time familar in the way you want it to be.“ 

While visiting Mat Devine, he recorded vocals for a track on Mat’s upcoming solo album “Goldblooded” due out this August. Mat revealed: “The track we worked on is a real daring song. It’s a ballad, a very tender love-song duet intended for a guy and a girl, called Falling In Love Will Kill You. When Gerard and I sing it together, something really crazy happens. The song is also a real statement,” he continues. “I say it’s daring because, as far as I know, I’ve never heard two male singers in a love-song duet. It was one of those things where the minute Gerard got into the [studio’s vocal] booth, everyone startyed high-fiving. It was wonderful, one of those moments that you know you’ll always remember.

James launched a Kickstarter for a new Reggie + The Full Effect album, which is aiming for an October release, so he’s probably planning on recording it over the summer. He also states he’s gonna be on tour for it, until December 2013, so looks like he’s got no plans to hit the road with MCR this year…..

Gerard changed his twitter pic recently to a photo of a guitar pedal. which is weird, and not major news…
Gerard’s also got the Killjoy comic and stuff coming out REALLY soon which he’ll want to promote so this downtime is completely expected. We won’t get an MCR tour,and probably won’t get any new music, this year…but it’ll DEFINITELY be worth the wait when it’s finished!

we WILL get a fifth album, just gonna take longer than most of us would like. 
just look forward to next year, and get saving for the eventual tour! keep.the.faith. 

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February 01 2013



hm lets check out some gf theory videos on youtube


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