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June 29 2013


March 29 2013




I was gonna write a quick blog post about My Chem, but instead this is gonna be a much longer post about the band, everything we know about their upcoming fifth album, and their future in general. Please click below if you’re interested.

thnks fr th mmrs MCR. 
wow this was a pointless blog to write out haha.> .<


  • My Chem have 6 tracks recorded for their 5th album.
  • The members of MCR were NOT allowed release a track recently or be credited as “My Chemical Romance” for “legal reasons”.
  • This is also probably why Gerard used a pseudonym for the solo track he posted. 
  • Warner took over 4 months on a deal for A band (may or may not have been them) to play a festival.
  • Definitely no My Chem tour this year.

Okay I have no idea how to start this off…..The band built a practice space/studio in LA. This is a good thing as it means they don’t have to pay for studio when they do want to record something. After coming back from Australia last year they started writing demos or pre-production or whatever it’s called. Ray posted a lot of photos from the studio, of whiteboards showing a song structure, gear, etc. (check his twitter for them!) They saved the day at Bamboozle 2012 when they decided to play last minute as a replacement, as blink dropped out…..flew in just to play that show and then flew back. Frank was quoted as saying “i think we’re maybe a month from the record button lighting up…”

Personell: Doug McKean is their audio engineer, as he’s been credited, for their past couple of albums. (Speculation) He might (probably?) also be acting as producer for this album, with the band possibly co-producing. Jarrod Alexander will be tracking drums (he’s their touring drummer that started in 2011) while James Dewees is most likely doing keyboard for this one, for the first time. 

The band recorded from June-August 2012, before taking a “short break”. 
In this time they recorded:

  • 6 songs for the fifth album, tentatively referred to as “MCR5” for now.
  • The song “This Song Is A Curse” was recorded by Frank (Jarrod on drums, James on keys, Doug producing/Ray co-producing)
  • “Small Petunia of the Galaxy” which probably isn’t an “MCR” song + should be filed under Gerard Way “solo”.
  • A track for the movie “The Man With The Iron Fists”

Studio time (June-August 2012):
maybe its not a guitar… maybe its like some sort of ghostbox or something” - Frank Iero. They also seemed to be watching a lot of horror movies…River’s Edge vs Dr. Phibes Rises Again ….FIGHT!! Vincent Price was the fucking best, hands down.
Working on a new song July 3rd: @raytoro & i are working on a song in the studio today, apparently inspired by movies about a young girl on a journey of sexual exploration. 
Frank took a break from studio and was in New York on July 11/23rd, so he doesn’t mind flying to/from. (constantly?) Aug 12 as well…
July 17th Doug asked for a sample of the announcement chime from Narita airport. 
From July 28-31st he posted a bunch of photos from studio:

@yourandroidgirl http://t.co/JQeKdBpB Jul 31, 2012 image
Ok this is for @yourandroidgirl Jul 31, 2012 image
Who wants to see more from the studio? Jul 31, 2012 image
If you only knew what this sounded like! http://t.co/q6WvyFEy Jul 31, 2012 image
Getting ready for guitar overdubs http://t.co/ymp9ggUd Jul 31, 2012 
Thank you Langevin http://t.co/ZyrAbAsn Jul 28, 2012 image 
Six million ways to die, choose one. http://t.co/KeJ09VMh Jul 28, 2012 image
Never leave the studio and you won’t miss any of the music. http://t.co/ZB4KbEsf Jul 28, 2012 image

Doug asked for audio samples on August 20th, to be used on a record he’s working on….
I don’t want to be more specific on what type of sounds. Be creative Aug 20, 2012 
I’ll reveal what record and where it’s used to whomever sends usable clips. Aug 19, 2012 
I need sound for a record I’m working on. I’m looking for original sound no music to be used on the record. Send to sound4doug @yahoo.com Aug 19, 2012  

MCR took a “short break” after August to work on other stuff (Gerard had promo with deadmau5 to do, stuff at Morriscon/etc), they HAD planned to get back in December to the studio but this never materialised.

Frank’s track was released September 25th. He stated: This Song Is A Curse was the first thing we finished at the studio we built to record the next My Chem record, so that’s kinda cool.
Frank recorded (probably two) tracks in late September in New Jersey. We’ve got one of those, on his website, his cover of “be my baby”. SHOULD be another one, probably original…that he hasn’t unleashed yet…

The band had wrote/recorded a track “Hell Hath No Fury” that was supposed to be on the soundtrack for the film “The Man With The Iron Fists”. Due to legal issues, this didn’t happen…they also weren’t credited as “My Chemical Romance” in the film credits for the piece, but credited separately - probably because they weren’t allowed use the name “My Chemical Romance”……The full version of the track hasn’t been made available. 

Gerard recorded in December. He released a track he did there “ZeroZeroZero” under the handle “DannyTheStreet” as he’s probably not allowed release anything under his own name, similar reasons to the above….
The track info for this was listed as “Track 3 of 4” so it’s unknown whether the other tracks were just different mixes of the same song, or possibly different songs altogether, from the same session… 

Frank posted his track under his own name as he’s not the lead singer + so wouldn’t have the same clause preventing him from doing so, i think….
When asked by Kevin Smith about the new album, he said it was “dark. very dark” so far, and spoke of wishes to get Colleen Atwood (Tim Burton, The Black Parade, etc) to design costumes for the new album’s theme. 

Ray had a kid.

James Dewees did a bunch of shows in early 2013 with Matt Pryor of the get up kids. Him/Frank announced a new band “Death Spells” who’ll be supporting MSI in April at some of the east coast shows, and who’ll be appearing at Skate+Surf fest in NJ May 18th. Leathermouth will be performing May 19th. So both him/frank are pretty much accounted for, through to May. 
On Jan 11th, MCR’s producer/audio engineer Doug, tweeted that he was “recording bass with @lprock”  As of March 18th, she tweeted that they were still “in the studio recording”. 2 days later, Billboard previewed her album, apparently being produced by Rob Cavallo. [link] “L.P. and Cavallo only began recording her new full-length in early February; as of March 1, 10 tracks were in various states of completion. Cavallo says they need five or six more to finish, hopefully by late spring.
This is relevant as it shows that the recordings that artists make with Doug, may JUST be rough recordings + not planned to be the final copy. Matches up to what Frank said in the Altpress article [here] There are a lot of songs written. Some of them are recorded decently, but its not near completion by any means. 
But then again, MAYBE by “decently” he means “more than demo quality, good enough to be released” as This Song Is A Curse DID come from the same environment + he believed that to be good enough for release… 

Gerard spent time in their studio over christmas with Doug also there, messing around and apparently writing lyrics. 

 Back to the 6 songs they “recorded”, may be full tracks or just demo versions..Kerrang called them demo versions in their recent article though: 
Gerard recently played four of these songs for Mat Devine (of Kill Hannah fame) who he recently visited. When asked about it, Mat said: “It’s incredible. It’s slightly new territory. It’s an evolution. I’ve heard four new songs. It’s exactly in line with what My Chem fans want to hear, but at the same time it really marks what I think is a new phase. Its super-refreshing, but at the same time familar in the way you want it to be.“ 

While visiting Mat Devine, he recorded vocals for a track on Mat’s upcoming solo album “Goldblooded” due out this August. Mat revealed: “The track we worked on is a real daring song. It’s a ballad, a very tender love-song duet intended for a guy and a girl, called Falling In Love Will Kill You. When Gerard and I sing it together, something really crazy happens. The song is also a real statement,” he continues. “I say it’s daring because, as far as I know, I’ve never heard two male singers in a love-song duet. It was one of those things where the minute Gerard got into the [studio’s vocal] booth, everyone startyed high-fiving. It was wonderful, one of those moments that you know you’ll always remember.

James launched a Kickstarter for a new Reggie + The Full Effect album, which is aiming for an October release, so he’s probably planning on recording it over the summer. He also states he’s gonna be on tour for it, until December 2013, so looks like he’s got no plans to hit the road with MCR this year…..

Gerard changed his twitter pic recently to a photo of a guitar pedal. which is weird, and not major news…
Gerard’s also got the Killjoy comic and stuff coming out REALLY soon which he’ll want to promote so this downtime is completely expected. We won’t get an MCR tour,and probably won’t get any new music, this year…but it’ll DEFINITELY be worth the wait when it’s finished!

we WILL get a fifth album, just gonna take longer than most of us would like. 
just look forward to next year, and get saving for the eventual tour! keep.the.faith. 

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November 07 2012




I’m gonna post my expectations for each episode based on the title because it’s always fun being wrong, huh?

ooh read more ooh

  • Finn the Human

Only two weeks now aw yuss~ So, from the previews and everything, I’m expecting a whole lotta backstory and GMW and whatever else. makes me oh so happy. I’m thinking that maybe the Lich caused the Great Mushroom War so when Finn wishes for him to have never existed, humans will come back and things but at the cost of all the magic and creatures that have inhabited Ooo since. Then Finn has to make his big ass decision of whether you can have good without evil and all that shizz. …Maybe. I dunno.

  • Jake the Dog
Part two of ‘Finn the Human’, so same kinda stuff, I think. Ooh, I wonder if we’ll see Joshua and Margaret and Jermaine as poo brain dogs, then. And I’d say it’ll be pretty unsettling for Jake to see this poo brain version of himself who can’t speak and acts as a pet to his brother and best friend, Finn. Hrm. lol i just type and words come out.
  • Five More Short Graybles
So I assume that by this point Finn and Jake are back in the Ooo that we know and love. I wouldn’t say all the alternate dimension shizz will carry on past that two parter, because it’s really been a three parter including ‘The Lich’ and Adventure Time never really drags out plot lines. Maybe the Lich will still be around and finally properly confronted with in a season or two? Then again I have a feeling that this is the last we’ll see of him. Hm. I dunno.
Oh, right. Five More Short Graybles. Okay, well, I’d say this one will be pretty light hearted stuff, just to let us recover after the two parter which is sure to drive us to all kinds of crazy. In the promo, it looks like Finn and Jake, Tree Trunks, Marceline and the Ice King are all getting stories, so who’s the fifth? Either Princess Bubblegum again, or a new character this time. I wouldn’t mind Peppermint Butler, myself… Maybe preggers!Lady Rainicorn?
  • Up A Tree

Still talking about that promo YAY. So there’s a bit with a frisbee ‘up a tree’ and Jake, I think, going to go get it. I’m pretty sure this is this episode. Then another bit of the promo shows Finn and Jake running with a frisbee in Jake’s hand and Lady Rainicorn is in the background with a picnic basket and her baby bump. So this’ll be Lady’s first appearance since ‘Lady & Peebles’ if she’s not in Graybles. Interesting. I dunno, they encounter mishaps when getting their frisbee back? All I got. I’m sorry.

  • All The Little People

…Huh. No idea. Wasn’t there a scrapped idea for an episode ages ago about Finn and Jake finding a tiny village of small people and they help them out or something…? Eh. Too lazy to look it up properly. But maybe something like that? I dunno.

…How many times have I said ‘I dunno’ now? I really don’t know anything, huh?


  • Bad Little Boy

Marshall Lee’s episode. We were told this a while back, and the storyboard at the top of the last post has a storyboard panel from this episode. But I thought this was set to air early next year? Are we just getting three weeks of Adventure Time before it goes on a break until next year? America gets so weird with broadcasting around Thanksgiving and Christmas… Dammit, US. Don’t fail us now. Grr.

But hopefully there won’t be a break here. …Hopefully.

So I’m thinking it’s either the Ice King’s fanfics again or another character has taken it upon themselves to continue the saga. Like I can imagine the episode going normally until at the very end when everyone starts confessing their love for Jake, then we hear Finn being all ‘Jake! What are you doing?!’ then you see Jake snapping his journal shut all ‘lolwut nope not doing anything you cray’. …Maybe.

i word good shut up.

  • Jake The Dad





i’m excited.

and if the opening credits are different slightly just to sing ‘jake the dad’ instead and OHHHHHH.

  • Davey

Episode revolving around a once-off character named Davey in a similar vein to Donny revolving around Donny the obnoxious grass ogre? I dunno. Is there a Davey in the series so far? I don’t think so… Hrm. one of the puppsters is called davey?

  • Mystery Dungeon

It’s like Mystery Train and Dad’s Dungeon and Dungeon ALL ROLLED INTO ONE. Which is good seeing as I love each and every one of these episodes. So I dunno. Continuation of Mystery Train and The Creeps with Finn trying to finally get Jake back? Random dungeon that they come across? return of the cat of approximate knowledge?


  • Little Dude
Second episode title with ‘Little’ in it. Hm. For whatever reason, the first thing I thought of was one of Jake’s kids? Finn wants to start training him from the get go to be a mighty adventurer but Jake is overprotecive of him becase he still be a baba? Ugh. I’m so unsure of how much the rainicorn puppsters will affect the series. Will they always be there always or just sometimes or hrm. I’ve no idea. Hoo boy.
  • All Your Fault

Oh. Okay. Oh geez. This one will be emotional. I can feel it. Aw, this could be anything. Finn to Bubblegum, Marceline to her dad, Ice King to himself, Jake to Lady or vice versa… I’ve no clue. Flame Princess, maybe? I have’t even considered her for anything so far, really. I wish she was in it more, if only for CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Ho hum. But yeah. Emotions.

  • Vault of Bones

Heh. Vault rhymes with Fault.

…Continuing. Maybe another dead world episode or something? Like Death in Bloom? Though that’s the Underworld… Is that one of the dead worlds? Hm. Or something to do with Skeleton Princess? Sounds very adventure-y, in any case, and less feely than the last one. Maybe.

  • The Great Bird Man

Another adventure episode, methinks. No bird men spring to mind, so I’m guessing this is another once off character, or at least just introduced for the first time. Some sorta legend, like the Tart Toter, that Finn and Jake have to replace…? im so good at theories like omg.

  • Simon and Marcy







i dunno just general memory feels. Maybe Ice King starts to remember, or he reads his old journals or whatever? The storyboard for ‘I Remember You’ said something like ‘they know each other’ when Simon and Marceline first meet. So maybe this’ll show them actually meeting for the first time? Could it be pre-GMW? For whatever reason, I think it’ll be after the flashback in ‘I Remember You’ and it’ll be longer, like the majority of the episode as opposed to just a flashback at the end. But I don’t really want anything too lengthy because it might take away some of the mystery of the GMW or something oh man i don’t knoooooow weah.


oh i always spelt marcy as ‘marcie’. aw. i was wrong. :c

  • Puhoy

…I have literally no idea what this is. I tried Googling it, and apparently there’s a YouTube channel called puhoy, but I can’t find anything relevant. Like is it a place, a person, a thing, an adjective, a sailor call…? No idea. Can’t wait, though!

  • A Glitch Is A Glitch

Hm. Either PB with SCIENCE and machines and stuff, BMO having a glitch or NEPTR having a glitch. Any of those is what imma thinkin’. It’s prolly not any of those, though. Ah well.

  • One Last Job

Wait, what? Last job? Why a last job? Who’s last job?? TELL ME. For whatever reason, I’m thinking Jake or the Ice King? I dunno, mang. Could be feely or adventure-y. Or even both. Hm.

  • Princess Potluck

Ooh, a new princess, maybe. I like princess episodes. They make me happy. I have no theories though, m’fraid. Could be anything from Princess Cookie to Ghost Princess to everything in between.

  • BMO Lost

Ah, a BMO episode. So maybe that Glitch one won’t be BMO. BMO rarely has episodes just about him, so I can’t see him having two in the same series. That’d just be weeeeiiiiird. Though I suppose he had ‘BMO Noire’ and a Grayble last season… I dunno. Anyway, BMO gets lost. I guess. Runs away from home LSP style and has to live with her in the woods maybe? …my theories should be canon just accept it.

  • James Baxter The Horse

poo brain horse? I dunno, a horse named James Baxter. Yeah.

  • And then we have that four episode gap that was gonna be an hour long special but is ‘being pushed off’.
So maybe this’ll be the series finale instead? OH GRACIOUS THE HYPE HAHA.
Adventure Time has NEVER had an hour before, EVAR. oh wait I just remembered isn’t there supposed to be a Hallowe’en double bill and a Christmas double bill? …Are they gonna slump ‘em together? …That’d be weird…
Aw, but Adventure Time gets so much done in eleven minutes so just IMAGINE and HOUR oh my GOODNESS.
  • Shhh

Oh. Oh this could be good. Yes, yes this will be good. Okay, well, the Lich shushes Finn in Mortal Folly with a ‘shhh’, so… No, that’s stupid. Ignore me. But ‘Shhh’ still sounds super interesting… Yeah. Yeah I’m excited for this one. Sounds like another spiritual episode, or one exploring the spiritual side of Ooo, like the dead worlds and the spirit plane and whatever else. …i’m reading way too much into this aren’t i.

  • The Suitor

There’s a suitor wanting to marry FP or PB or someone and so they ask Finn and Jake to help because they don’t need no man yet? I can see Flame Princess being more likely, like her father wants her to marry this prince of somewhere because he gave him better gifts than Jake or something. Hm. And Finn gets totes jell? …Yeah, I can see something like this happening. Maybe.

  • The Party’s Over, Isla de Senora

Google Translate is telling me that it means Mrs Island. So. Um. I guess that that’s. Happening. Um. …You know what? I dunno. I just. I dunno. She sounds like a villain, though, if I had to guess, and Finn and Jake are putting a stop to her plans… I dunno.

  • Another Five Short Graybles

…Really? In the same season? Okay, Adventure Time, whatever you want… I’d say all the promo scenes are from the first Grayble episode, so. Maybe it’ll be completely new characters this time, like no Finn and Jake but rather… Others… Flame Princess? Flambo? Cinnamon Bun? Mr Pig? The Marauders? I DON’T KNOW GAH. But does this mean that Cuber is really important for some reason? Like all these Graybles are gonna build up to something big? Honestly, with the amount of foreshadowing Adventure Time has been pulling recently, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d say it’ll still just be short little stories with little bearing on the big overall plot, but. Still. Possibilities~

  • LSP Gets Robbed

Can’t wait. So I’m guessing she’s still living in the woods? Whatever. LSP episodes make me happy.

  • Only Wizards Allowed

And this is the last episode. Wait, that makes 26. Meaning that that hour special isn’t counted as an actual episode. WHAT DOES IT MEEEAAAN. And does that also mean that the Christmas and Hallowe’en episodes are somewhere in this list? …I didn’t spot any that could be seen as festive OH GAWD WHAT IF SIMON AND MARCY IS FOR CHRISTMAS NO BAD AH. Ohhhh I don’t knooooow.

Anyway. Only Wizards Allowed. Wizard Town or wherever Ice King went to in ‘Reign of Gunters’? Another Wizard Battle? Hm. Sounds good, in any case.

So yeah. I think I’m done here. Yes. …Wow this post is lengthy.

I apologise.

How.. how do they come up with awesome theories like this? This got me thinking Adventure Time isn't like any other cartoon show, cuz it's one of those cartoon shows involving plot twists & blurry past storylines and alternate dimensions that takes fans to a whole new level of thinking. It's like Doctor Who for cartoons.

May 18 2012


Philosophical Theories posters by Genis Carreras

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May 25 2011

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