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August 31 2013


September 16 2012




dear friend peasant,

Castle: [x]

Disney Castle: [x]

Tardis: [x]

you’re very much welcome. 

 221B x

 sherlock silhouette x


 mockingjay x

 Avengers x

 Loki x

Installed the Loki one in my Soup finally. After seeing this post by myoo89 & getting jealous.

You may now cry jealous tears now.

(via shiseptiana)

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September 10 2012

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Customized my Soup dash & icons... I dont know how I came to do it in the first place. And also didn't know that we can change & choose our own banners to replace that blue thing on top there.

Theme: chibi!Avengers by Yuwenicorn
Icons: Avengers Silhouettes
Banner pic here
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June 09 2012

Akazukin ChaCha creditless opening. I SWEAR I remember the singer was a guy back then! What happened to him & why did he get replaced by this girl?

April 16 2012

Decorations for every month!
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March 28 2012

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Adventure Time Finn & Jake/Fionna & Cake Comparison.
Hey wait a minute, the skulls on the mountain Fionna's climbing are missing!

March 12 2012

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GPOY! And actually it's "Maths, Science, History, unraveling the mystery"
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March 10 2012


February 10 2012


January 03 2012

Friendster used to have blogs too... now that it's dead they're dead too

October 20 2011

Watchmen as a Saturday Morning Cartoon series

August 26 2011

I got tired of all the pink in Heello so I kinda went all hue/saturation on the background and the icon to make everything blue (& maybe greenish) cuz i'm lazy like that.


March 02 2011

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nail polish of all the colors of hogwarts XD
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