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June 13 2020

The one where Anathema slips up & told the Them about blowing Newt

May 21 2020

Last week was @Ratryoshka birthday! ❤ As a gift, they chose a birthday party with the Them, and I included Death in the scene simply because I headcanon they and Adam became friends after the Nonpocalypse (and because someone had to bring the flaming sword to the party!)
Pepper with the flaming sword, Death & The Them hanging out, I absolutely love it!!! I bet that cake's mint choc chip underneath all that icing Grinning face with smiling eyes
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December 08 2019

Henlo i liek peeping 😏

Wonder how many times have they done this to Anathema & Newt, or Shadwell & Tracy as well. Dont ask me how they dragged Warlock along.

Sketchy comic is sketchy because this comic is trash & I’m trash for coming up with the idea lol. What was I thiking, they’re CHILDREN.

November 13 2019

Sometimes my comics started out really cliché & then ended up making absolutely no sense.

Also idk how Anathema learnt miracling, cuz im not sure if her witch powers can do *that* in the GOverse.

October 06 2019

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Felt like drawing a different, messier art style. One that looks like watercolor (sadly idk how to use those brushes properly)

Inspired by comics/fanart of some Good Omens AUs over here & IG, which reminded me to listen to the song again (& I did binge-listened to it at work).

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September 07 2019

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