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May 23 2013

The Suitor -  Adventure Time


Adventure Time Character Puzzle: Braco (requested by adventurextimexlover)

(more)(request a character)


The Suitor sure has some gorgeous scenery.


Princess Bubblegum:

Has apparently been turning down suitors’ advances for three centuries

Summons giant bird by shrieking “ka-KAW!!”

Uses scanners to find elusive Soul Stone

Creates synthetic soul in laboratory

Is immune to shadow demon Love Magnet spell

Builds sentient robot doppelganger of herself

Gets pizza stuck to her forehead

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Tonight’s big premiere features the work of Thomas and Jesse.  Thanks, guys, for a job well done.



I´ve been pretty lucky to do storyboards for two episodes of »Adventure Time« with the amazing Jesse Moynihan.It was a great experience working for my very favorite cartoon show.

The first of these episodes is »The Suitor« and it airs this monday, 05.20.2013 at 7:30 on Cartoon Network. ~

 Edit: Sorry, it´s 7:30 not 7:45

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