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May 13 2020

Revisited an old Tumblr prompt & made another Strokes comic after SOOOOO long. Cue the next episode of 5 Guys Talking About Things They Know Nothing About

Idk man this was only planned as a single page but somehow I ended up with 4, and somehow I ended up with the dumbest plot twist ever & it had to be on Julian’s head. Cuz cmon, he’s wearing a cap the whole time.
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They own y'all butts.
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July 08 2015

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from a lazy bed sketch on a notepad. idk why the story even goes this way. i was just making an excuse to poke fun at that mic-stand-throwing thing.

July 07 2015


my analysis of fabrizio's fashion choices

fab on conan 2001: im gonna wear a red t-shirt
fab at summer sonic 2003: im gonna wear a red t-shirt
fab at tim festival rio 2005: im gonna wear a red t-shirt
fab in 2011: im gonna wear black leather jacket????
fab at primavera 2015: im gonna wear a red shirt:)
fab at hyde park 2015: im gonna wear a red t shirt;)))

ahem. he probably wears red all the time to attract the ladies, being the only unmarried Stroke.

July 05 2015


July 01 2015

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Further ridiculing this theory.

it’s Ramadan and I’m hungry, sleepy and at work. Procrastinating. This is the kind of derpy comic I can crap out rn

June 28 2015

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fab’s artsy stuff

honestly those are the best jules and nick portraits I’ve seen

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June 25 2015


June 24 2015

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more bird!Fab. yes he's flailing his drumsticks

June 23 2015


June 21 2015

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asked by a random anon :) took me days to get started cuz I was busy with office work.

out of the blue I decided to make Fab into some kinda mama bird, just because (maybe because I was thinking of birds previously & the idea subconsciously popped up). and I didnt intend to make the comic this long btw, ideas just kept popping up and it was after minutes that I found everything looking really wrong :B
and Fab going full bird in the end. scary.


otherspook asked:
haha your latest comic is hilarious especially the end with Fab as a bird! Fab's not dating Binki anymore though, they broke up a while ago... (Also lol Julian's tshirt says "trash")
lol thanks :3
ahh nooo thats too bad D: i wonder what’s gonna happen to Little Joy though.

This emphasizes the “lonely and unmarried” that Julian said in panel 3 then XD

June 18 2015

This is the B-sides to You Only Live Once is it?
(via otherspook)

June 15 2015

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actual footage of me sleeping

reminder that Nikolai Fraiture sleeps like this

I bet my sister can sleep like that just as easy

June 14 2015

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Nikolai & Fab appreciation post!

just Nikoniko & Fabu-chan being buddies

June 11 2015

the strokes + zodiac signs + elements
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