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April 27 2019

00.03 💋 The Rumor 💋 Allison

Of all the Hargreeves kids, her power's my favorite. I mean yeah time travel is neat, & audiokinesis is rad, but realistically i'd like to have the power of fact manipulation. Maybe cuz I'm a n00b liar & i wanted to lie so good my lies become truths.
Also please let her have purple hair in season 2
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June 18 2013


How about some Umbrella Academy Cosplay Gifs?

Here are a few gifs from Two Frame Studios’ Fantastic HeroesCon 2013 video!

Cosplays were made by me at Amanda Finley Cosplay.
Huge thanks to Ben and JD for being my fantastic Hazel and Cha-Cha.
And a huge thanks to HeroesCon for consistently being one of the best comic conventions of all time.

I don’t think many people got our cosplays, but it meant a lot to those that did! - See more at: http://misstuesday.tumblr.com/post/52685392676/how-about-some-umbrella-academy-cosplay-gifs#sthash.be4bZz5m.dpuf
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