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April 11 2014


November 27 2013

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March 02 2013





Me, explaining Repo or Labyrinth, depending on the situation.

me with pretty much any movie


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September 17 2011

Dream 6-5-2014

My family was staying in a log cabin with Billy and Mandy, i dont know where the Grim Reaper is honestly. I remember the two were playing video games and i joined in, and remembered getting mad at Mandy for either cheating or always winning, calling her a prick. She tried fighting back but i overpowered her, smashing the controller on her face or something. Seems like she didnt care n continued setting the high score. Billy and I walked around outside and asked me what the word 'prick' means and as i tried explaining to him i mightve said that it rhymes with the word 'dick' and almost has the same meaning, as if Billy understands that people use dick as an insult.

Then the family and I had afternoon tea while I talked to Billy about some comics and Mandy was still playing games in her room, which was quiye visible from the log cabin's porch window. I dont know what happened afterwards but all of us went to watch her set the high score later, and i sort of helped her when the controller fell from the bunk bed, pickin it up and bouncing both her and the controller up the bed with my knee. We just watched the game all night after that.

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