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July 09 2011

Awww, you remember the rules: no talking while jinxed until someone says your name 3 times! I remember playing this since grade school... until now. But I never recall any hitting during talking in...

June 24 2011

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April 23 2011

TGoA - Zombie Faces
Rebecca Black parodies. THEYRE CONTAGIOUS.
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April 15 2011

TGoA - She's a Ginger
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March 19 2011


(sent from Qaiku 13.07.2012)

Theodore-Alfred & Rossalyn-Valeria. Hyphen-conjoined firstnames I might keep for TGoA purposes. Mix it in with Giselle/Gazelle.

Alter D. Converton. The 'D' could stand for his middle name, it can also stand for his Arachnian alter ego (which I plan to FREAKIN' RENAME & REDESIGN ALL THEIR FRAKIN COSTUMES all over again). It's unknown whether his middle name has a connection with the way his Norse-freak kid brothers call him 'Baldur/Baldr' jokingly. Or on a daily basis. The real names of their parents are unknown as well.

The Convertons might have hyphen-joined firstnames.
[something like Thomas-Orson, Lukas-Kiefer and Freida-Ingrid.]
Some of them however, aren't and their names are left unhyphened, like Orson Dinouvregardt, & Alter DerBoelevaard (other spelling variants: DerBoelewaard/DerBohlevaard).

P.s. If i'm not mistaken they have a pet spider named Adrienne who died already.
Adrienne might be replaced with another spider named Natasha, and a bird named Clint. Running gag: the bird always tries to eat the spider.

Strawberry P. Logan. Cobalt C. Cliff. Blueberry M. Minton. Meteora C. Solarion. Felice S. Panthera. Kuroyuki Kuroiko (yes reversed cuz shes AZN). Amber P. Bushfire. Angel S. Starwalker. Alter DerBoelevaard Converton.

Possible middle names:
P - Priscille, Patrice (but Im not sure which owns which name)
M - Marine/Marina
C -
S - Solsticia (again, not sure)

February 28 2011

TGoA - Only Girl
Aww Cobalt... you gotta know that being a man has a small price to pay >:]
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February 25 2011

TGoA: Appley or Apply?
Had this idea in store once when i saw the word 'apply' on some bottle.
Everyone has their blur moments... ah well at least that hand sanitizer smells like apples.
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