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February 06 2015

you can’t stop teenagers from having sex but you can aid them in participating in safe sex and honestly, not teaching kids about their own sexual organs and ways to stay safe from STDs and pregnancy is so counterproductive and just so bad parenting, to me. if you want to keep your kids safe, give them the means to do so, don’t shelter them from something that they need to know.
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January 22 2015



… Example number 4739208679 of how the media paints white criminals as simply adventurous, mentally incapable or troubled. In this case, adventurous.


this is infuriating me


also the girl here is only 13 years old, her boyfriend is 18 and legally an adult. This relationship is illegal and technically rape if they’ve had sex. NBC referring to them as “teen sweethearts” is completely inappropriate.


This is both kidnapping, and rape.


yet “mike brown was no angel”

November 17 2014


September 21 2014

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March 18 2013

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I know they're shooting a music video for Teenagers but this is just golden off-caption, it sounds so wrong it's right.

November 25 2012


October 30 2011

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