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June 14 2015

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October 16 2014


Hey soup users,
today I discovered that you can indeed display a union of multiple tags with my.soup.io/?tags=tag1,tag2, and you can even combine it with the other filters.

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you are awesome!
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September 19 2014

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December 06 2013

How I Tag Stuff
just a small idea that popped up this afternoon

i mostly use tumblelogs to store cool stuff I found on the internet, and the buttload of tags is just my way of finding all those stored things specifically. they serve as folders somehow.
and as for photos, i don't really care much about tags. for me they're just for display.

for those of you who don't know, molome is an alternative to instagram. 

May 10 2013

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March 16 2012

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