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January 02 2013


Computer Board Table built by David Maloney using boards and drives from old Intergraph 6000 series machines made in the late 80s early 90s.

"For years I've been throwing old computer boards into a box in the garage to someday recycle them into some sort of project. It finally popped in my head to create a table with them using some of the black walnut from a tree we cut down a few years ago and had milled in the yard with a portable mill. It's basically two tables. One internal table to screw the boards to and another set of wood frames with glass that slide on top of the board table. It's basically a wood diorama. It will be very easy to swap out the computer boards with something else once we get tired of the look of the boards."

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December 02 2012

The floppy disk table by Axel van Exel & Marian Neulant
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November 17 2012

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Recycled tables from Barcelona's modernist cement floors

Encaustic cement tiles (AKA hydraulic cement tiles, baldosas hidráulicas, hidráulicas de cemento, mosaico hidraulicos) were popular in the later 19th century and early 20th century all over the Mediterranean and in the former Spanish, French and Portuguese colonies. They are created without glaze or a kiln, but instead the colorful material- ground marble, Portland cement or natural earth pigment- is set with a hydraulic press and the tiles are left to dry like regular cement.

Barcelona resident Bénédicte Bodard sees these tiles as an important part of the city's past and when she began to notice quantities of them in the trash- victims of remodels or an aging floor- she invented a method to rescue what she could. She began to create tables out of the antique tiles, at first for her home, and later to sell under the name Mesa Bonita.

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After a move to a new city and a trip to IKEA, industrial designer Adrian Candela was overwhelmed by the packing waste stacked in his living room. In need of a nightstand and not wanting to spend any more money (nor contribute to the waste), Candela turned the old boxes into new furniture. His Nit (Catalan for “night”) nightstand is now 8 months old (it was a Christmas gift for his girlfriend) and it is still standing (it’s even had water spilt on it). Inspired by how easy the process was to upcycle his corrugated fiberboard, Candela created a simple step-by-step assembly guide that he has made available for free online so that others too could turn their furniture waste into side tables.
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October 15 2012


October 13 2012

Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table by John Foster
(via Designyoutrust)
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October 08 2012

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October 07 2012

"Hiddle Me This," anyone? (I just lost the ability to think)
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September 13 2012

I want this table asdfghjklkjhgfdsa
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August 26 2012


Anger management with Loki



Flipping tables (and people) = best anger solution ever.
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July 27 2012

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July 25 2012


April 24 2012

It's hard to ignore someone who is currently mooning

March 22 2012


January 22 2012


January 06 2012


December 27 2011

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some funky mirrors they are.

December 08 2011

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