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December 26 2017

2017 art summary
ugh I don't like my dA username anymore, lemme get a temporary premium membership just to change it.
Blank template: Summary of art BLANK by dustbunnythumper

Alright so, some of the drawings here (esp. on the early months) aren't on dA, I've just begin submitting stuff here again later this year.

Some explanations:
• On March I got a job as an animator, so in preparation I've been finishing an unfinished AfterEffects animation & did some other song lyrics videos, so there weren't any solid drawings.
• May was my birthday, and I was still animating so the only drawing I got was the age series I did every year.
• They reassigned me as a graphic designer on July though, so I got time to draw again. Plus the boss lent me his iPad pro on October, and thus the change in texture or art style.

June 22 2015

A Summary of Stevenbomb 2.0


Sworn to the Sword: Pearl is HELLA gay
Rising tides/ Crashing skies: Ronaldo needs to chill out
Keeping it together: Peridot is inspector gadget 
We need to talk: Pearl is HELLA gay and salty af
Chille tid: Pearl is still HELLA gay

Me & Stevenbomb

Stevenbomb 1.0: Crying to the tune of Stronger than You
Stevenbomb 2.0: Horrified screaming
Stevenbomb 3.0: Probable death

May 25 2014


May 25 2012

One of the saddest Yume Nikki fan videos ever. Ever.

March 07 2012


December 12 2011

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Harry Potter – The Daily Prophet
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