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September 10 2013

Make Others Successful - IDEO

January 07 2013


January 05 2013

I am partially offended by this. So you mean to tell me that watching TV everyday is unsuccessful? The TV news is actually more updated than newspapers. And what about professional critics? Compliments are not always 100% good especially if there is room for improvement; it's a critic's JOB to criticize. And taking all the credit? It's only bad if someone else other than themselves worked hard on it; those who did it themselves DO deserve all the credit. And people don't know what they want to be because they can be more than just one achiever. And exuding anger is actually good for the soul to function well, we need a balance of emotions, not just joy.

Remember, you cannot be successful without experiencing the reality of being unsuccessful.
It's just like the 7 deadly sins; most people want to wipe them out clear of our lives but we can't live without just a small amount of them, since they're essential for motivation and moving forward.
also, like you said, "Remember, you cannot be successful without experiencing the reality of being unsuccessful." that's a keeper. But still, nothing wrong with trying to improve a bit using this poster.
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November 26 2012


June 25 2012

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really? not an exhausted man?
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