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December 26 2017

RN from Timestamps, all tied up somehow while still holding on to her drink. I kinda wanna draw her again in this sweater & no pants, drinking either coffee or tea, from my last Inktober piece.

P. S. This isn't meant to be bondage art or anything kinky, she's just drawn that way for the sake of drawing poses. I just realized that it could be interpreted wrongly moments after I started.

March 31 2013


February 03 2013


Echoism Chair - tells the the story of our emotions and environment through beating, hitting, and plucking sounds, as we relax and feel the melodies with our body, and as we feel the natural tones with our heart, new stories of ourselves, sounds, and the work are created.

Designed by Jaeyoung Jang.

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May 01 2012



Sebastien Preschoux - Color Theory, 2009

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April 16 2012


September 02 2011


July 29 2011

and then added with accessories
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June 13 2011

The time Google went Les Paul. The strings are interactive you can even play & record songs with it.

May 30 2011

0704 308a



omg lol scoobies ftw.

2000 yo! Not 90’s…

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April 30 2011

Puppets and Strings by aleksandracupcake
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February 02 2011

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