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March 04 2018

They're watching me awkwardly from a distance
Artwork for my Saosin "Follow And Feel" cover | Watch the timelapse video

I've initially thought of a lady wearing a cloak spying on someone beheading a third character, supposedly a king, based vaguely on the song lyrics. But I kinda got confused and felt like drawing other things, and ended up with snakes spying on a bunny with its eyes on the biggest apple on the tree.
Since this is also partially based on Havana by Camila Cabello (cuz one time I sang Follow and Feel to the song) I picked the color palette from the music video & drew everything in shades of blue with the bright red apples sticking out.

done in Procreate

September 21 2014

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July 19 2014


July 17 2014

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June 28 2013

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November 30 2012


November 08 2012

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November 05 2012


October 18 2012

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Undercover Sheep
Tags: alpaca sheep spy
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October 11 2012

Doctor? by Chyringa
This scenery is just so warm & sweet I didn't notice the blue Spy under the table.
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May 22 2012

TF2 shoes by TarasArt
Why does the bottom of the shoes say Dexter?

April 22 2012

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June 14 2011


May 25 2011

February 22 2011

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cliche vs not cliche: spying on couples
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February 18 2011

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Vier, funf, sechs
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